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Yesterday, we happily shared our favorite Christmas gift from Dr. Fern Slack and her RockSpirit Designs. While well versed in using crystals for in the home, for energetic feng shui balancing, I have no experience with using healing stones on a cat collar. Merlin is my willing test subject and he’s teaching me day by day. All cats are master teachers but humans are often too impatient or unaware to learn their life lessons. The biggest lesson Merlin teaches me is humility. Just when I think I’m pretty clever he let’s me know otherwise.

It’s only been a few days but this what I’ve noticed:

  • I normally sleep with Merlin most of the night. At bedtime and in the morning we meditate together and I while he’s in my arms, I do Reiki (energy) healing. It’s our time to connect. He lets me know how he’s feeling and other things on his mind. Being a demanding Siamese, I can get quite an earful. The first night wearing the collar, he didn’t want or need any Reiki. It was like a blowing a fuse with too much wattage.
  •  He liked wearing it at first and liked the attention from the humans and the other cats. He’s always been proud and vain. All the cats reacted differently to his new “jewels”. Odin was curious and boldly tackled Merlin outdoors. Merlin hates it and Odin hasn’t dared do that since last year. I suspect it had to do with a Merlin walking more  confidently. Domino couldn’t get enough snuggling and grooming with Merlin. He’s usually very gentle but at one point he sat on him in an attempt to get closer to the stones. Gris Gris and Merlin have been sharing more snuggle time on the radiator.
  • I sensed Merlin likes the collar off at times, and we’ve experimented taking having it on and off. It feels like a balancing act as he recalibrates the changing energy. I wish I could figure out a way for him to take it on and off himself! When I asked him yesterday, if he wanted it off, he didn’t give a clear signal so I asked for a physical signal, to move back if wanted it off. He moved back. The day before I’d misread a sign and removed the collar when he didn’t want me to. He quickly got my attention by peeing in cats play box with crinkle paper. He never has litter box issues. Most behavioral issues are a cat’s more dramatic way of communicating. It’s a resourceful way to get our attention but it’s our job to figure out what’s wrong and correct it.
  • Merlin is moving up the stairs with more mobility and energy.
  • The first night the dangling crystal clinked against his water bowl disturbing my sleep. He’s since figured out how to eat and drink without sounding like Big Ben.

I’ll be keeping a log of data as empirically as possible for future reference.

If you are interested in learning more about the science of vibrational healing, I recommend Vibrational Medicine by Dr. Richard Gerber.

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10 thoughts on “Cats And Healing Crystals (part 2)”

  1. How fascinating. As an acupuncturist, the Woman says it depends upon the patient as far as how much anyone can actually use. A lot of acupuncturists also use something called “bio-mat” which uses far infra-red healing combined with crystal healing. The Woman almost never feels like her body gets enough acupuncture but she did the time she was on the mat and many people feel it’s too much. Other practitioners use it all the time.

    And by the way: we have a mini bio-mat at home and I LOVE it. I usually sit on it for an hour or so at least once a day (unless it’s been turned on and then I’ll stay a bit longer). But I don’t live on it like I might if it were a heating pad.

  2. Interesting observations. I found it particularly interesting that he didn’t want Reiki the first night he wore the collar. I know some Reiki practitioners combine Reiki with crystal healing. I always felt it’s too much energy to combine the two. I prefer to use one modality at a time in my practice.

    Wonderful photo!

    1. Ingrid, this is proving an interesting learning experience. Cats, being so sensitive respond well to Reiki, but as you know, sometimes tolerate it only from a distance. Combining the two modalities is tricky, but I believe can be used together but with discretion by a case by case basis. As always, we need to allow our pets the lead the way with communication. If we listen and observe, they’ll show us what they want or don’t want.

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