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Cat Women Book Review

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

I’d like to continue the tradition I’ve held for almost three years at my other blog, The Boomer Muse. Every Sunday, including today, I post photographs of everything I read with mini reviews called: What I’m Reading This Week. I’m a reading hound and read a stack of magazines and about three books a week from my personal library, my public library or books sent by publicists.

Here at Cat Wisdom 101 I’ll be posting only cat related fiction and nonfiction. I’m a sucker for book jacket design so I like to show both sides of the book. It’s gives a fuller picture, don’t you think?

My rating system- 1 paw = don’t bother, 2 paws = okay, 3 paws = very good

4 paws= Meow, get a copy this instant!

Have a book you’d like me to review or know of a book I must read? Email me: [email protected]

Cat Women is a collection of true stories written by women writers about their cats or cats they’ve known. Edited by a keen eye by Megan McMorris, the vast selection of styles has something for every cat lover from heartwarming to heartbreaking stories. This book will make you proud to be a crazy cat lady and if you’re not one, you’ll want to become one. I always have a book in my handbag. You never know when you have time to kill and playing Angry Birds is not for me. Short stories collections are handy while waiting or when you’re too busy or distracted to focus on a long novel.

Rating: Three paws. Soft cover. Published in 2007.

Cat Women




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  • Ingrid King

    I’ve had this book since it first came out, and I love it and reread it frequently. When I became a cat writer myself, it was such a thrill to meet so many of the contributors either online or in person. I was even more thrilled when Megan McMorris graciously provided a wonderful quote for the back cover of Buckley’s Story.

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