Cat Wisdom 101 Highs and Lows of 2013

WP stats cat wisdom 101

Just when I felt like never blogging again, WordPress sent their fun, annual stats to us. We enjoyed a stellar year with highlights like meeting and interviewing celebrity cats Grumpy Cat and Lil BUB. It was a thrill being awarded the CWA Muse Medallion for black and and white photography and being a Pettie Award finalist for Best Cat Blog. Hitting the front page of Reddit one day gave us a taste of what sites like Grumpy Cat get every day, *sigh*. It was an honor to become a contributor to, and be published in The Huffington Post.

Accolades are lovely but my true joy comes from my work with cats and connecting with cat lovers on and offline. The past few months were very stressful with ongoing family illness and I was in serious danger of burnout when the proverbial last straw happened. When my muse and dear cat Gris Gris died suddenly a week ago, I wanted to crawl under a rock and never blog again. I still don’t but here I am. What’s next? I honestly don’t know but I will likely cut back in order to work on a long over due book project. I’m behind in returning comments and will do my best to return any in the future. I’d like nothing better than to visit my fifty favorite pet blogs every day but I can’t. BUT if you have any news you think I should hear about, please post it at our Cat Wisdom 101 Facebook page or tag us @catwisdom101 on Twitter.

Today, I’m happy to share these fun stats with you dear reader. It’s because of you, Cat Wisdom 101 continues to grow and spread our message: To enlighten and entertain cat lovers everywhere. Last year we reached cat lovers in 173 countries. This year it was 182! ONE QUESTION: What would you like to see more of OR less?


WP blog stats cat wisdom 101

WP stats

WP stats 2013

WP stats- Cat Wisdom 101

The winner of Petcurean giveaway  is Kathryn. Congratulations! Look for an email from Layla.

25 thoughts on “Cat Wisdom 101 Highs and Lows of 2013”

  1. Layla, when you are ready to share, know that we will be here to read. Thank you for being you, and for having such a beautiful blog. Congratulations on a great year, our friend.

  2. These days I hardly ever manage to read even half the blogs I follow, which is my loss, but time and real life stuff does get in the way! You have had a tough year, Layla, I really hope 2014 is better xx

  3. We love reading stats and how people search and find the blog. Too bad blogger doesn’t send yearly stats. This was a fun, light post, Thanks, Layla, we’re sure you didn’t feel like it, and don’t worry about commenting either.

  4. That is so fun. I’m sorry I didn’t get around to pay my respects to Gris Gris. *bows head* We’ve been so bad about visiting that I’m happy anyone comments on my blog anymore. Those are fun stats. Hope 2014 is better to you.

  5. Concats Layla!!!! A bit of good stuff is nice right now. We understand if you need to scale back for a while. Thats why I don’t do twitter,part of why I don’t do Facebook and definitely why I can’t even dream about having a blog….not enough hours in a day!
    I do love your blog and all that you place so lovingly on it. It appears that I am a bit chatty too….MOL! Guess nine cats have alot to say!!!!
    We do look foward to reading more about our sweet little Angel Gris Gris when you are ready to share. We send you our most loving purrs and kitty hugs and kisses to help see you thru.
    Luvs Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Peanut and Twig and Romeo. >^..^<

  6. grate stats guys…conga ratz !! N if yur mom kneads ta take a brake…tell her ta take a brake….everee one will bee heer when her feels like comin bak N if her doez knot get ta any blogs ta leeve commintz….itz oh kay …frank lee wee wood like ta see mor info on holistic and ore all natural cat care…de food serviss gal sayz it bee better for uz in de long run…hope everee one haza happee healthee N blessed new 2014…oh, N we still iz knot reeceevin a notiss when ewe guys rite a new post ???


  7. We do want you to keep blogging though so you can tell us all of your stories about Gris Gris. We adopted two 14 year old a couple of years ago who were taken to a high kill shelter at Christmas. We adopted them sight unseen – such lovely lovely kitties they were – one lived with us for 18 months and the other for 20 months and we loved every minute and were so happy they had that additional time. Now we have a 12 year old who was surrendered and then in foster care earlier this year – she came home to us in August and is the boss of the house; we have a 12 year old boy who came to us two years ago on New Years eve and we have a 9 year old who came to us when she was 5-she was abandoned in a trailer when her owner went to a nursing home and has seen a number of older kitties come and then go home to the bridge. It hurts my heart each time but I am so grateful for the time we have had with each and every one. When you can please start telling us more stories about Gris Gris.

  8. Wow, what an honor and a tremendous feat (little cat feet) for Cat Wisdom. So many honors, so many sites honoring cats and cat wisdom and so many treat posts and commenters. I am honored to be counted among those who love your cat blog!

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