How To Tell If Your Cat Loves You By Their Astrological Sign

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A dear old friend and my astrology mentor is our guest contributor today. Kerwin McLeister is a Canadian astrologer and cat lover who lives in Germany. He no longer does astro readings but kindly wrote this delightful piece for me. It’s my Valentine to you dear reader no matter what your cat’s sign is.

How to Tell if Your Cat Loves You by their Astrological Sign


Quick-witted, fast as a bolt of lightning and outrageously impetuous, these adorable devils will always find a way to get out of the house. The good news is that they return- more often than not with a household offering in tow! Neighborhood birds beware! Aries kitties show affection to their human companions by helping out with dinner!


 If you find yourself tripping over your cat half the time, then there’s a good chance you’ve been blessed with a physically expressive Taurean. Physical contact with loved ones is everything to these characters, and they’ll take any opportunity to rub up against you.

GEMINI (May 21 – Jun 20)“TALK TO ME!”

Clever Gemini, perched on the windowsill, loves to watch the world go by. A bit of a gossip, these mercurial felines will keep those they love abreast of local news with ceaseless meowing that could easily get on your nerves! They’re merely waiting for you to respond.  Your Gemini friends will initiate playtime by dropping their favorite toy at your feet.

CANCER (Jun 21 – Jul 22) “DON’T LEAVE ME! ” 

From the living room to the kitchen and back again, you’re being shadowed by one of the most attentive cats you’ve ever encountered. Your Cancerian companion is loath to leave you alone for more than a second. Not only are you a meal-ticket, you’re a life-partner! In your Moon-ruled friend’s eyes, you’re married – until death do you part!

LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 22) “LOOK AT ME! “

Whether it’s a tummy display or an elegantly swishing tail, your Leo cats are focus-pulling experts who know how to exploit their innate acting abilities. Nevertheless, your gorgeous, sunny friend is not just another flirt: Leos never waste their talents on those they sense are less than deserving! Ooh and awe to your heart’s content and you’ll be rewarded with a throaty purr!

VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 22) “I’M OKAY, YOU’RE OKAY!”

If your four-legged companion insists on living on your lap, there’s a good chance you have a Virgo in the house. Finicky about tastes and smells, the highest compliment they can pay you is to tell you that they consider you an extension of themselves.


Self-composed Librans do the feline world proud. These sophisticated flirts will gladly greet visitors at the door and escort them into the house. But, you will be the sole target of their deepest feelings: furry Venusians will never hesitate to send kitty kisses your way. Return the compliment!


Sultry, attentive and territorial, the Scorpio cat is affectionate, emotionally expressive and highly protective of loved-ones. Suspicious by nature,   these police officers of the feline world feel compelled to keep their environment under control, especially if sharing the house with other animal companions. Don’t freak out if you wake in the night and realize that the weight on your chest is your very own bodyguard, watching you sleep.


Super intelligent and gregarious, but given to fits of melancholia, your Jupiter-ruled kitty is a bundle of contradictions. Sagittarian cats will listen attentively to those they love and respect, adding their own two cents´worth in any way they can: they will purr in agreement, meow when unconvinced, and scratch the nearest surface when venting complete disapproval. At times, you’ll swear that they can actually speak human!


Capricorn is the zodiac’s organizer par excellence, a born administrator who hates wasting time. The Capricorn cat will wake you shortly before the alarm goes off and will bother you until you’ve made it out the door on time. Upon your return, your most faithful of pals will be at the door waiting for you. If they don’t like your friends or current romantic interest, pay attention: they will know the score before you do!

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18) “I COULD DO THAT! “

Whether you’re baking cookies or brushing your teeth, your Aquarius cat will observe you with almost clinical fascination. You’ll be subconsciously compelled to impress these independent, clever creatures by being on your best behavior  At times, you’ll wonder whether they’re keeping score of your failures and successes: they actually are doing so, because they care!


This exotic, glamorous beauty is the envy of the cat world, seemingly blessed with every advantage .Beneath this gorgeous surface, however, beats a complicated heart. Fear of abandonment could lead to periodic neurotic outbursts. (Biting the letter carrier? Hiding in the washing machine?) Nevertheless, this devoted companion will genuinely miss you whenever you’re away, refusing to stir until you’ve arrived home safe and sound.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see our Cat Wisdom 101 like you’ve never seen them before. There will be no Vet 101. Instead our boys are going to a Valentine’s Day Ball and you’re invited!

20 thoughts on “How To Tell If Your Cat Loves You By Their Astrological Sign”

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  2. Wes dont know when exactly my birthay is, so the date Daddy piced was my gottcha date, but me thinks me is really a Gemini now Kozm, we coul figure he was a Libra just by the description (and he is)!

  3. This was so cute! I’m not exactly sure about birth dates but I have a close estimate and the descriptions ring true!
    Luvs Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  4. I won’t comment on all eight of my kitties, but suffice it to say, my sweet darling “kittens,” that just turned four yesterday were a comical delight the other night when I was making pizza. All of them were watching me in an absolute trance and would move their heads in unison as I went from one step of creating the pizza to the next… and yes, they were observing me with “almost clinical fascination!”

  5. WE are the same as Puddy. Who knows when our birthdays are. We just have to make guesses. But that was very interesting and fun. Thanks for this.

  6. I like this author because she says I am, “This exotic, glamorous beauty is the envy of the cat world, seemingly blessed with every advantage ” How did she know me?

  7. odin….dood…ya couldna said it better if ya asked me ta say it for ewe meself… ???….de aries cat eye am… and everee day mom has ta be caustious when openin de door coz eye AM rite there N reddy ta run 🙂 !!!

    tuna of moon

  8. oh, I know, busy Aries that I am, zipping up trees, zooming around the backyard, that I have little time for Mrs. Whatsername, but when she does manage to fool me into going inside, I can find a little time to show her my affections (let’s not go so far as to call it LOVE) by bringing her my Neko fly, so I can impress her with my mad Huntress skillz. It makes her happy, so win/win.

  9. Me, I was a rescue kitty from my ex- owner. So my birthday has been issued by The VET, not really the real day, so this post ! Mom have to read every star sign..MOL
    Mom said My possible star signs are Leo, Scorpio or Sagittarius !

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