Cat Art Imitating Life

It’s almost a new year! What an amazing year we’ve had and Cat Wisdom 101 is only 7 months old. We thank you for reading, caring, sharing and most of all: for being a cat lover. Apart from posting our New Year greeting on Saturday, we’ll taking a short blog pause. See you early in the new year!

2012 is going to be grrrreat!

now you see me, now you don't-quote-playing ostrich-cats-cat wisdom 101-art

Ostriches aren’t the only ones who can play ostrich. Odin does a mean imitation of one. And speaking of imitation, Gris Gris had this epiphany about fish, life and art. Those humans can be such a tease!

art-quote-art imitates life-cat-humor-cat wisdom 101

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17 thoughts on “Cat Art Imitating Life


    Your warmth comes through your blog, CONGRATS ON SEVEN MONTHS!!!!!

    One of our highlights this year was getting to know you and we look forward to meeting you in person in 2012!!
    Love, Caren & Cody

  2. Happy New Year to you ALL Layla…you and the boys have a lovely New Years Eve and here’s to much more excitement in 2012! Thanks for all the great photos, cat wisdom, updates on your “boys”, wonderful sense of humor and sharing your knowledge of ALL THINGS CAT.

    Best Wishes from Pam and of course – Sam 🙂

  3. Happy 2012 to you as well!!

    Mom laughed at the picture of Odin – Mozart does that here too – he puts his head behind the curtains in the hopes that mom doesn’t find him in the morning and kick him out of the bedroom with the rest of us. 🙂

  4. Well it seems my computer lost my info for this site….the Anonymous post was from me and my furries! Happy Year of the Cat…not really the right year but every year is the year of the Cat around here!

  5. Happy New Year to All fellow Felines and their Staff!!! May the little ones everywhere be blessed with all they need. Purrs,prayers and Kitty kisses…luv Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

    1. Happy New Year to you Kim and the boys!
      @Kathryn, I’m still posting a new year greeting tomorrow 😉
      @Carolyn, so glad you have satellite to pick up the show!
      @Brian, some of it seems scary, but reality television is geared for drama and ultimately educational.
      @Ingrid, what break 😉 You know me.
      @CatsCats, May 2012 be purr-fect!
      @Kathy, Skeeter & Izzy, thanks so much! Happy New Year!
      @Random felines, LOL, Mozart is an ostrich too?

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