Caption This: Cats

For our Friday Funnies, you get to be funny today. Caption what Odin and Gris Gris are talking about. The winners gets a free Valentine makeover of a cat photo of their choice. Act fast, three photos will be randomly selected tomorrow.

caption-contest-LOlcats-cat-wisdom-101 Caption This: CatsIf you’re on Facebook, post a photo of you favorite kitty love on our

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pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Caption This: Cats

6 thoughts on “Caption This: Cats”

  1. Odin: get out of my way, I am coming through and this path is not wide enough for both of us esp. since your butt is so big!

    Gris Gris: Hahaha! No, YOU get out of the way with your big meowster head, I am coming through!!

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