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C is For? Memory Quiz

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Odin-cats-catwisdom101-c is for- cute kitten

Who says cats can’t spell? Odin demonstrates forms a purr-fect letter C to prove his point, but how long will he have a memory of it?

A dog’s memory only lasts 5 minutes. How long can a cat’s memory last?

A) 2 minutes

B) 60 minutes

C) Forever

D) 16 hours

I often think the answer is C, but the correct answer is D) 16 hours, based on a study comparing dog and cat short-term memory by a psychology professor at the University of Michigan and a behaviorist from the American Museum of Natural History. Cats and dogs were shown the location of a hidden treat but not allowed to retrieve it right away. The cats were able to recall the location of the treat up to 16 hours later, where as dogs could only remember the correct location for up to five minutes.


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