BIG Caturday News & Mews

caturday-news-mews-cat-odin-fernsWe have winners! We’re so excited about this extra big & special Caturday News & Mews! So let’s begin with the announcing the two winners of our awesome solar-powered cat toy giveaway. Congratulations to Catherine Turley and Penelope My Cat From Hell! Look for an email from Layla Morgan Wilde.

A BIG THANK-YOU to everyone who supported and nominated Cat Wisdom 101 for a Pettie Award and our choice of shelter Brigid’s Crossing. The nominees will be announced in July and the prize of $10,000 for a non-profit 501c3 shelter or rescue will be announced the week of July 9, 2012.

We love reviewing books every Sunday and doing giveaways (we have a great one tomorrow) and have news about an amazing giveaway called the Book Bash Bonanza valued at $500.00 from our friend Hannah from the blog The Olive Parent  and Nordic Naturals They are pairing cool health-related books with their products. At Cat Wisdom 101, we’re big believers in giving essential fatty acids for pets and did this product review on Nordic Naturals We continue to use their Omega oils (cats & humans) and agree with their philosophy that “empowerment comes from knowledge,” and what better way than pairing up helpful books with some award-winning Omega oils! If you like us on Facebook, you already have on entry credit for starters. This giveaway is open to residents in Canada and the U.S. 18 years and older and ends July 31. Good luck!


Cat Wisdom 101 did not receive any products or services, free or otherwise for this event. This is simply a cross-promotional opportunity.

Our vet, the brilliant Dr. G. from Mobile Vet Squad who writes our Vet 101 column on Thursday, paid us another visit this week. As our cats are getting older, I sigh ever more loudly with relief when his mobile clinic rolls up our driveway.

Mobile-vet-squad-clinic-Dr. Goldstein-westchester county-NY

Last time, Gris Gris, the slippery eel of cats disappeared into the ether. This time I calmly communicated that there would be no blood or urine removed or nasty poking and he willingly slipped into the carrier. The great news is he doesn’t need to go on meds for hyperthyroidism, he’s gained little weight, and there’s no evidence of the heart murmur! Odin‘s leg wound has healed beautifully and my only really worry was Merlin and how the kidney disease is progressing. He lost a little more weight which is symptomatic of the disease but his appetite has improved and he’s responding well to the kidney support supplement RenAvast and the cognitive support supplement Novafit. At this stage we’re not expecting a miracle but thankful for this reprieve.

We’re taking extra time to enjoy all our cats and their individual quirks because isn’t that why we love cats? Every cat is different but special in their own way. Our cats happen to like watching TV, especially Animal Planet and we’ll all be watching the season premiere of My Cat From Hell tonight! Check your local listings.  Jackson will be tweeting live #teamcatmojo @JacksonGalaxy and we might join in @boomermuse or our new @catwisdom101. Please follow us.

My-cat-from-hell-Jackson-galaxy-MCFH-season 3

Have a healthy, safe weekend! Here’s a video preview of My Cat from Hell.


14 thoughts on “BIG Caturday News & Mews”

  1. Oh! Wow! Me just can’t believes that me winned! And your vet does house calls? That is just too cool. Me likes my vet (Dr. Carol) and so does Kozmo and the hairy slobbery sisters and we is used to traveling so we does not gets all stressed going to visit her. Last time me was there me did not try to rip her up with my pawsome claws!
    Once again – Thanks yous!

  2. Wow, this really was a big post! And I saw it just fine. I get it both through WordPress and through Feedburner, WP is the post, FB is a digest.

    So wonderful about all your cats’ health, and especially Gris Gris’s heart murmer–perhaps it was only stress. And interesting to hear you tried RenAvast, I considered it for Cookie but at that time not enough studies showed any effect.

    Definitely entering the Book Bash and it’s too bad I couldn’t see My Cat From Hell…

  3. I’m so happy to hear about Gris Gris – that’s wonderful news. It sounds like Merlin is holding his own. I’m sure you consider every day with him a gift.

  4. That’s great news for Gris Gris 🙂

    I managed to catch two episodes of JG’s MCFH. There doesn’t seem to be any more scheduled, so maybe I missed the others!

    Well done to the winners 🙂

  5. How nice that you have a mobile vet in your area! I would love that — no more “death screeches and moans” on the half hour drive. Glad your kitties got good reports. Every cat IS special, and unique.

  6. Well we saw the post and conga rats to the winners of the Solar Chaser.
    We can’t watch Jackson since we don’t get that channel. Those looked like some very unhappy cats.
    Hope you are staying cool. Take care.

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