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Astro-Kitty:The Sagittarius Cat

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Your cat’s personality can be influenced by the stars. This month, the ninth astrological sign of the zodiac is in Sagittarius. Cats born between Nov 23 to Dec. 21 are Sagittarians, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance. The color of Sagittarians is blue. Their element is fire. If you aren’t certain of your cat’s birthday, read this profile and see if it fits. Deeper understanding of cats leads to happier cat lives.

Adventurous and fiery like Aries and Leo, Sagittarius cats are full of energy and good cheer. They are happy-go-lucky, tails up kind of cat. They have a spring to their step and bounce to their pounce. Charming, funny and fun, they are always up for adventure. They are the best candidates for travel and even a trip to the vet won’t phase these curious critters. Make sure their cat carrier offers a good view!

Hunting is their #1 love and they are masters of the hunt both indoors or outdoors. And yes, they like to give you their prey “gifts”. Praise the mighty hunter and give them lots of interactive play with wand type toys

Loyal and friendly, Sagittarians like their freedom so don’t smother them or you’ll hear a rebel yell. They do best with pet parents who respect their need for space. If you don’t have a safe outdoor area, consider leash training your Sagi kitty to satisfy their hunger for wanderlust.

They don’t like cramped quarters. Give them plenty of space to run around indoors on multiple surfaces. Include vertical space to explore or they will bouncing off the walls and breaking knickknacks on shelves, so give them their own shelves like this easy to install shelf unit

or something larger from DIY types can create an inexpensive kitty highway from wood shelves and metal brackets positioned at different heights spanning the length of one or more walls.

Curiosity mixed with too much enthusiasm can result wandering where they don’t belong like closets, garages or neighbor’s garbage cans. Check doors so you don’t accidently lock kitty inside a closet. Wandering outdoors can be deadly.

When I think of the nine lives kind of luck, I think of good-natured, happy Sagittarius cats. It up to us as their guardians to keep them safe and happy.

NB: we are taking a break and not posting on Wednesday. Our vet paid a visit and blogging needs to take a back seat today.


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