Are Your Cats This Naughty Or Nice?

Are Your Cats This Naughty Or Nice? Don’t believe everything you read except for the last sentence on this page. Cats can be influenced by fake news but only if their human is foolish enough not to do their homework or partakes in silliness like this. Clyde, Domino, Odin and Nou Nou think they are nice and Layla is naughty .


Merry Christmas to all those celebrating from our home to yours. If you missed our extra festive posts of all original kitty content, check out 1) vintage cutie cats or 2)this year’s quirky holiday cards with sage advice or 3) holiday catnip karaoke

Can you believe who made it onto Santa “Nice” list?! It looks official but if it’s easy to be duped by email phishing, foreign government officials, or Facebook groups acting as fronts for foreign operatives, who knows?

Our usual feline Monday with Clyde and friends resumes next week barring acts of God, terrorists or catnip overdoses. Outstanding behavior? Surely they must have doppelgangers lurking under the bed.


Speaking of supremely naughty behavior, I do know Odin has been on mouse patrol at all hours and has tortured at least three victims. Two were saved and tossed outside to an unknown fate. If that’s not naughty enough, he was caught inpurrrsonating Santa Claus while hauling off a stash of catnip. Tell me: does he look guilty? And how the hell did he get to the North Pole? It’s near Rovaniemi in fricking Finland. He doesn’t even have a passport or driver’s license. It’s beautiful there and they have real reindeer not the red-nosed cartoon kind.

Oh my whiskers, you have better things to do than to listen to our woes. Go on, it’s Christmas. Be a little naughty but sprinkled with a whole lot of nice. Merry Christmas. Even if you aren’t celebrating Christmas, may you know peace, joy, health and plenty.

christmas_catwisdom101_new year

Our black cat and adoption ambassador Clyde insisted on his own card since he felt the gif undignified for a senior boy of almost 19. He hates posing for the camera as you may know. This is the best he can offer and says he knows thousands of black cats who adore posing and look amazing in photos.


We are feeling nostalgic for angel cats Coco and Merlin, Gris Gris and Radish. But also feeling the loss of so many cats in our cat community, from our friends and four more losses of black cats from our book (that will be another post). For all those missing a beloved fur baby, you have my heart.


Are you ready for the new year? Can you believe it’s Mew Year’s Eve next Monday. Wake me up next year will ya? From the nostalgia vault (Merlin, Coco and me circa 2012 and early days of this blog).


And one more for us Earth-based Nature loving friends. No matter what you’re celebrating today or this week, may you know peace, joy, health and plenty.

Black Cat_yule__christmas

11 thoughts on “Are Your Cats This Naughty Or Nice?”

  1. We had a weird time, but it is better now.

    One day, only a few days ago, maybe it was Monday, i couldn’t find my glasses. I looked everywhere. The next day, I took an Uber – I cannot drive without my glasses – it’s on my license, and it’s true – I took an Uber to the mall to get my eyes checked out.

    That must have been Tuesday, last week. Then, the same day, I had to go to a nearby Mall, by Uber, to take the prescription so they could send out for the glasses to be made. Was that only 6 days ago? I could watch TV, be on the computer, I opened canned food and heated in the microwave.

    Then, wow, my glasses were made. Was this only yesterday? So I had to get an Uber and pick up the glasses.

    One of the security guards at the mall was so nice, He accompanied me everywhere last week. Helped me use the ATM, waited for a cab with me, because the Uber had no cars at that time.

    So, last night – I came back from Uber with my glasses, and I will drive my car (I hope) tomorrow. I hope it starts. Meeting son and daughter at our fave diner. Have been at two family gatherings with Mr. Estranged also present,and it wasn’t horrible. I pretended he didn’t exist. He was pleasant to me. I still pretended he didn’t exist.

    So good to have my eyes back.

    Ched is cheddish. And absolutely adorable.

    I have never actually lost glasses before. I think it happened at the Dunkin Donuts. But nobody has found my glasses.

    So, all is great again.

    1. I lose glasses all the time and just found a pair under a sofa cushion. Next time consider Warby Parker. They ship samples to try at home and it would have spared all those Ubers. I just got a pair from them. xo

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