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Come Get Your Irish Kitty Luck

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

St.Patrick's day-cat-four leaf clover-kiss me

It must be your lucky day to stumble on our ManCat Monday and Mondays With Merlin on St Patrick’s oops, I mean St Catrick’s Day.

Hello friends, it’s Odin and I’m giving lucky kisses to you and your cats. Us Wilde cats will quote our uncle Oscar with one of his and our favorite quotes: I can resist everything except temptation. Sigh, so many temptations, so little time. There are mousies hiding, knick knacks itching to moved, green things sprouting and be still my beating heart, songbirds flying back north, as we speak!

Oscar Wilde also said: There is no sin except stupidity. Now, we know he was not referring to cats since we rarely do anything stupid. Adventurous, yes, bold and fearless but not stupid. He meant it for you dear humans, so we hope you don’t do anything stupid like feed us green beer, drink to excess and forget our dinner or vomit on the rug and blame us. No, by simply landing here today you are bestowed the luckiest of Irish wishes,

Love from Merlin, Domino, Odin and even Angel Gris Gris who paid us a visit recently but that’s another story.

Hey, I’m giving kisses too! Big juicy, Domino kisses for all the ladies.

St. Patrick's Day cat-kiss me I'm Irish

st.patrick's day-cat-catwisdom 101-lucky-gold

I’m Merlin Wilde and getting to old to be giving kitty kisses except for my mom but I am giving lucky wishes and sun puddles for all!

St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland is famous for banishing snakes actually didn’t since there weren’t any? Snakes are a metaphor for paganism and he drove the pagan out and Christianity in. Ironically, today there are lots of snakes in Ireland kept as pets but hard economic times have forced many to let the snakes loose in the wild. I wonder what St. Patrick would do about that! We would love to get our paws on some snakies but can you believe it, after all these years we’ve never seen one? Our mom, Layla says we’re lucky!

Our most favorite Irish saying is: Beware of people that don’t like cats. Do you agree?

beware of people who don't like cats-quote- st.patrick's day-cat wisdom 101





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