Adorable Holiday Season Problems With Kittens

Adorable Holiday Season Problems With Kittens? Cats and cute kitten photos have created smiles for over a hundred years. Why not take vintage LOL cat captions and add a modern millennial touch? Voila, a whole new century of cuteness we created for today’s holiday season. Which is your favorite? They are ripe for fresh captions. Add yours if it tickles your creative funny bone. The original caption is in the small font.  For advice about real holiday problems with cats read our holiday season tips or vet 101 advice.




Oops, who forgot the gold? But isn’t catnip gold to cats? Mind you, real gold wold buy a ton of catnip. I hope your holiday problems are as minor as this.


5 thoughts on “Adorable Holiday Season Problems With Kittens”

  1. I wish the problems I have could be the cute problems faced by these cats. Happy Meowy Christmas Layla, Odin, Domino, Clyde, Nou Nou and Joel

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