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Anatomy of a Cat Nap

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Cats are Zen masters and Olympic champions of the cat nap.

There are many categories from the beginner, intermediate to advanced.

  • Beginners require little more than a cat bed, but extra points are added for finding the most comfortable texture and location. It might be your cashmere sweater preferably on your silk duvet. True Zen masters can nap anywhere, anytime on any surface no matter how small.
  • The intermediate indoor/outdoor location requires protection from the elements such as a covered porch. Advanced outdoor napping is for experienced nappers only. One eye must be kept open at all times for any danger or prey (such as Odin jumping or a mouse scurrying by). It requires full exposure to the elements as demonstrated here by Gris Gris and his driveway spa technique. He likes the added benefit of dirt rolling for a hot stone massage effect. The position is always dictated by the sun. Kids, don’t try this at home. It requires proper supervision and ideally a long private driveway.

outdoor-cat nap-driveway-gris gris


















  • Advanced catnaps include outdoor napping techniques that require the art of hiding in plain sight. NOTE: For Adventure Cats Only! The body is half hidden in natural grass, leaves, pine needles or as demonstrated by Domino, on sun-warmed and dry weeds. There is a bonus of aromatherapy with freshly sprouted botanicals. The position changes to align with the sun.

outdoor cat nap-domino














  • Regardless of the location or method, there are several time-honored steps cats do post-nap as demonstrated by Odin.
  • Is there a champion napper in your house? Please share any special feats.

catnap-instructions-LOL-cat-cat wisdom 101


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