BlogPaws Senior Pets Month & Remembering Abby

blogpaws celebrates senior pets

One of our favorite blogger cats, Abby from ManxMews has flown to the Rainbow Bridge. We’ve dedicated our post to her at our other blog Boomer Muse today.

Blogpaws is celebrating senior pets this month has an awesome infographic. To celebrate they have a photo contest and bloghop. With three senior boys at Cat Wisdom 101, we’re ready to do some hopping!

18 thoughts on “BlogPaws Senior Pets Month & Remembering Abby”

  1. Purrs of love to dear sweet Abby,may your journey be an amazing one, We wish your Mom comfort and are so glad to know that you paid her one last visit before you crossed the rainbow.We know that you have found your peace over the bridge.

    Luvs to all young or not so young….
    Luvs Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang >^..^<

  2. I am almost a senior and the human is way past that now!! However I don’t think she is suitably socialised yet!! What did I do wrong? 😉

    We are so very sad about Abby xox

  3. Thank you Layla for remembering my girl.
    I do believe she came to visit me transformed. The butterfly came back this morning while I was photographing some flowers and circle around me like a lasso. It was purely amazing. I stood there sobbing. Then later this afternoon she was back and she circled me again. I know it was Abby. I know it was.I read your posting on Boomer Muse and agree with you. She has transform and that is one of her metamorphosis.It eases a small heavy sadness.But I still miss her furry little body. Boo is taking good care of me though.

  4. ewe noe….gram paw dude wuz rite…uz seniors due knot catch a brake….him never saw any social seCATity benny fits, N now that eye am de senior memburr oh trout towne; eye catch me self waitin on my chek two….sew like what…

    butter lover boomer o cat….
    senior & chef o trout towne

  5. Tomorrow I will be exactly ten years and four months old. Hmmm… some peeps might say I was a senior ’cause of that but I don’t feel old, at all. I’m still a kitten at heart.


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