Cat Saturday: Some Like it Hot!

We’ve had a busy week in a punishing heat wave. I asked the entire Cat Wisdom 101 team: What was your week like? Since I’m the editor and the only human, I’m pulling rank to go first.

LMW: I have a question: Where did summer go? My birthday is at the end of the month and July zoomed by faster than a cat swatting a fly. I spent a large chunk of my week caring for Ling Ling, our foster with an upper respiratory infection (ironically I’ve had one too). It’s infectious and that meant dividing our home into two zones.

Fortunately, the bathroom where L.L. is housed has two doors; one opens to the hall and the other into my dressing room with stairs up to the third floor. L.L. a fussy cat at the best of times, ate no more than a teaspoon until her antibiotics and appetite stimulant kicked in. It’s a small victory, but she’s eaten a jar of baby food yesterday and the day before, but still needs sub-cutaneous hydration. The little love bug, showed me some love after some energy healing with Reiki and crystals. She’s a long way from being healed but it’s a start.

cat-siamese-crystals-healing-ling ling








She’s perked up and to ease her congestion I’ve run a cold shower for a refreshing cool mist (well at least until it began dripping into the basement).

What a difference a day makes. Her eyes and nose are less runny and the cough is subsiding. She’s lost her distinctive voice and makes pitiful attempts at purring and opening her mouth as if to say, thank-you. And I thank-you for all the kind words, and healing for Ling Ling both online and off.


Take it away Merlin…

Merlin: How was my week you ask? Let me think; at my age, I live more and more in the moment. I don’t know why everyone is making a fuss about the heat. I love summer, love feeling the grass under my languid limbs and breeze through my fur. What’s there to complain about? I’ve been snoozing a lot with my pal, Gris Gris, and for some reason, Domino is afraid of me. Maybe, it’s because I because I bump into things. Do not call me blind! I’m vision impaired and can still see shadows.

I was a tad tetchy with Layla for closing off the third floor which is a favorite haunt. She also had the nerve to tell me she was too hot (even with air con) to wear me like a hat in bed. By morning, normal snuggling resumed and all was forgiven including bringing another cat in the house. One pet peeve is the humans not allowing me to lounge on the porch aka summer living room all night! They watch me like a hawk circling prey. I know it’s for my safety, but life is short and I want to savor every moment.


Gris Gris: How was my week? Is it my turn to write again? All I want to do is fly out the door in the morning and stay out all day. Granted, I don’t always get my wish, but I have special privileges because of my exemplary behavior. It drives Odin nuts that he can’t fly solo. I reward the humans with what’s called “sweet behavior” I tolerate, okay like petting now, but I’m not angling to be a lap cat. Got it? The heat? I love it. Bring it on. By evening, I’m so relaxed, I lounge and watch crappy reality television, grateful I’m no longer a basement mouser in the Bronx. I’ve come a long way and I’d say, quite eloquent.

gris gris-lounging-cat-sofa

Domino: How was my week? Hot and happy. My leg is healing and if were a technical sort, I’d say I’m 80% healed. Two more weeks of antibiotics and hopefully I’m good as new. I don’t mind taking my meds and probiotic. The Man mixes them in extra good food and lots of it. I nap most of the time, except when my friend Odin comes out to play. I trail behind on walks and play “Ambush”. We wrestle and box. He’s grown so much, we’re about the same size now. Food, friends and ice cubes in my drinking water. Life is good.











Odin: What? How was my week? Same as ever… great. I love summer, I love the heat. I love playing with Domino, I love food, mine and the others. So, I steal food, so what? I love playing. I love mischief. I love life. So why do my mom and dad get exasperated (whew big word!) with me? I love being outdoors, so much I wake everyone up as soon as the sun rises by leaping from the top of the headboard Kamikaze-style. I cry and carry on and eventually someone takes me out. They put this torture outfit called a harness but hehehe my middle name is Houdini. Every time they think a harness works, I figure it out how it’s designed. Layla says she’s thinking of designing one that’s Odin-proof!

This week, I made a quick getaway and had my longest adventure. Two whole hours while Layla was at yoga and I played cat and mouse with my dad wheee. When Layla came home, I knew the gig was up and allowed myself to be found. My dad was so angry/scared he didn’t carry me properly. This is seconds after the capture.


Can I help if I’m rambunctious?(whee another big word) It’s my job to drive everyone a little crazy. I really wanted to meet that pretty Ling Ling girl but she hissed, nooooooo. Now she’s disappeared behind closed doors and I anxiously wait for her re-appearance. Until then, I’ve been creatively amusing myself. I found on the top shelf; a big, heavy squishy toy that looked like a see-through-animal with a very long tail. I dragged my prey all the way downstairs to the dining room and killed it. It pissed all over the floor.  My mom shrieked, “It’s hydration fluid for Ling Ling’s sub-q.” How did I know she’s not drinking and needs fluids? Sheesh, the hot weather is making everyone cranky. I can’t seem to do anything right this week.

hydration-bag-feline -sub-q

Even when I went to nap on the bed to cool off with A/C blasting, Layla said not to because the mattress cover was being washed. I say, everybody take a chill pill!

Some like it hot!


But make sure you drink plenty of fluids!

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15 thoughts on “Cat Saturday: Some Like it Hot!”

  1. Adorable, simply adorable. All the writers’ personalities are so cute and vivid. Baby Food cures all thinness in cats. I think LL will be just fine. Keep up the great work, Team!

  2. Good question Layla, where did the summer go already! Since we live in Florida, a heat wave is a relative term… but luckily we have a pool and central air!

    Thanks for the update on Ling Ling and the gang. I think, despite Ling Lings greeting of hiss to Odin, that it gives her something to think about and a reason to keep on trying!

    Keep cool all – Merlin has the right idea – lounging on the grass and feeling the delightful tickle of a slight breeze.

    Take care and see you all next week!

  3. WOW! You make me look like an angel, Odin! And speaking of hot, do you know what? Our air conditioner broke over the 4th of July weekend and we just had a window unit for a few days. The upstairs was hot as hell (my mom said that), like 100 degrees. And my geezer sister Fuzzy STAYED up there! My mom could not get her to come downstairs where it was cool. That’s just nuts! I stayed where it was cool. I do NOT like it hot.

    Your friend, Zoe

  4. Odin, we might pee in fright from you, too! You are rather an extraordinary Cat. The rest of you, we have to agree, we like the heat and the way it gently melts us into piles of furry mush…summer is wonderful!

  5. We are glad things are going better for Ling Ling! And well I don’t know about hot–we never get really hot here–or so rarely that no one cares…

  6. As someone who likes it hot, you guys are kitties after my own heart. Wonderful update and photos, and I’m still laughing at Odin’s adventure with the “see through animal.” As for the harness escapes, I have two words for you: duct tape. Kidding! I’m kidding!

  7. What a wonderful “weekend update” from the gang….sounds like everybody loves all this heat which is NOT the case with Sam. I open the door and he just looks at me like “are you kidding me???”……so inside we stay. Love all the photos – such a photogenic crew you have Layla! Happy weekend to all.

    Pam and Sam

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