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Funny Halloween Cat Puns, Jokes & Names

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

With the world in chaos, I decided to opt for humor this Halloween with some Funny Halloween Cat Puns, Jokes & Names. All kinds of silly fun because cats are naturally funny without the need of a comedian, but I’ll try.

As we come to the end of another inspiring Black Cat Awareness Month, let’s celebrate!

Nothing is sillier than a knock knock joke. Adding cats makes everything better, right?

1.Knock, knock. Who’s there? Black cat. Black cat who?

Black cat-astrophe if you don’t open the door – it’s Halloween, and I’m here to haunt your candy stash!

2. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Witch. Witch who?

Witch black cat should we take to the Halloween ball? The one with the most ‘purr’-sonality, of course!

3. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Meow. Meow who?

Meow-rvelous! You finally opened the door; now, I’m here to ‘purr-form’ my Halloween stand-up comedy routine!

cat-funny-trick or tuna


Let’s get Punny!

  1. “When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may your treats be sweet and your meow-lloween be a dream.”
  2. “Purr-sistence is key, especially on Halloween night. Keep your claws out and your costume tight!”
  3. “Why did the cat sit next to the pumpkin on Halloween? Because he wanted to be the ‘purr’-fect gourdian!”
  4. “On Halloween, cats don’t need a broomstick to cast spells. Their cuteness alone is bewitching!”
  5. “Witch way to the purr-ty? Just follow the trail of whiskers and you’ll have a ‘fang’-tastic Halloween night!”
  6. “When the moon is full and the night is dark, beware of the cat that leaves a ‘paw-some’ mark.”
  7. “Halloween is the one day a year when it’s socially acceptable for a cat to be both spooky and ‘purr’-ty.”
  8. “Why did the cat bring a ladder to the Halloween party? Because he wanted to reach new ‘heist’-s of trick-or-treat goodies!”
  9. “When black cats hiss and pumpkins grin, it’s a ‘claw-some’ Halloween; let the fang-tastic fun begin!”
  10. “Cats are the true ‘masters of disguise’ on Halloween. They can go from cute to creepy in a whisker!”


hilarious halloween cat

Limerick, anyone?

A pumpkin, a witch, and a cat,

Decided on something quite fat.

They threw a grand bash,

And with a wicked laugh,

They danced through the night, that’s a fact!


Funny is better than scary sometimes. These jokes are pretty scary bad but good if you know what I mean.


  1. Why do cats make terrible storytellers on Halloween? Because they always paws for dramatic effect!
  2. What do you get when you cross a black cat with a lemon? Sour-puss!
  3. How does a cat wish you a happy Halloween? “Meow-oween to you!”
  4. What do you call a cat on the beach during Halloween? Sandy Claws!
  5. Why was the cat sitting next to the jack-o’-lantern? Because it wanted to be the purr-fect pumpkin spice latte!
  6. What do you call a cat that likes to play hide and seek on Halloween? Where-wolf!
  7. What’s a cat’s favorite Halloween candy? Kit-Kats, of course! They’re purr-fectly delicious.
  8. Why did the cat and the jack-o’-lantern hang out together? Because they both had a passion for “carving” up good times!
  9. Who’s the cat that transforms into a werewolf every Halloween? It’s the “Were-purr,” lurking under the moonlight!


Black cats get a bad rap so here’s a few sweet jokes.

  1. Why did the black cat avoid the haunted house on Halloween? Because it heard there were too many “scary-tales” inside!
  2. How do black cats wish you a hauntingly good Halloween? “Meow-loween, may your night be filled with mysterious magic!”
  3. Why was the black cat hanging out with the jack-o’-lantern at the party? They were sharing secrets about the dark arts and their love for midnight mischief!
  4. What do you get when you cross a black cat with a broomstick? The purr-fect vehicle for a witch’s night out!
  5. What’s a black cat’s favorite Halloween treat to share? Frightfully delicious “cat-erpillars” – they’re the best!
  6. Why do black cats make excellent detectives on Halloween? Because they can always “paws” to solve the most purr-plexing mysteries of the nigh
  7. What secret society did the black cat create for Halloween festivities? The “Whisker-ious Order of Midnight Mirth,” dedicated to keeping the spookiness alive!
  8. Why was the black cat spotted having a séance with the jack-o’-lantern? They were trying to summon the great pumpkin for a magical Halloween soirée
  9. What’s the black cat’s favorite potion for Halloween? “Whisker-delic” brew, of course, with a dash of meowgical mischief
  10. Who’s that elusive black cat that moonlights as a stand-up comedian on Halloween? Meet the “Feline Phantom of Funny,” delivering jokes so good they’re scary!
  11. What clandestine club did the black cat establish for Halloween merriment? The “Shadowy Society of Midnight Merrymakers,” dedicated to conjuring laughter in the darkness!
  12. Who’s the elusive black cat moonlighting as a stand-up comedian on Halloween, leaving the audience in stitches? Meet the “Phantom of Funny Whiskers,” delivering jokes so good, they’re hauntingly hilarious!


If you l love Halloween cat art as much as I do, I rustled up a few new ones.

And do check out some spooktacular ones from our archive like Witchy Halloween Meowloween Art Fest

Halloween Season Vintage Style Cat Day or Oooh, Halloween Art For Black Cat Awareness Month Magic!

funny halloween puns jokes names

  1. “Luna Nocturna” – A mystical name inspired by the moonlit nights of Halloween.
  2. “Midnight Shadows” – Perfect for your black cat that loves to prowl in the darkness.
  3. “Sabrina Spellcaster” – A bewitching name with a nod to the magical world.
  4. “Casper the Friendly Purr” – Playful and friendly, just like the famous ghost.
  5. “Morticia Elegante” – A name that exudes spooky elegance.
  6. “Wednesday Whimsy” – For the feline with a touch of dark humor.
  7. “Vlad the Impurraler” – A regal name with a hint of mystery.
  8. “Salem Enigmatix” – A name that pays homage to a historical spooky location.
  9. “Elvira Nightshade” – In honor of the legendary Mistress of the Dark.
  10. “Igor the Loyal Companion” – A name that conjures images of faithful henchmen.
  1. “Bela Lugosi Fangsnare” – A name that captures the essence of the famous Dracula actor.
  2. “Winifred Spellbound” – For a cat with a bewitching charm, inspired by Winifred Sanderson.
  3. “Raven Mystique” – A name that celebrates the dark and mysterious aura of ravens.
  4. “Grimm the Whiskered Taleweaver” – Perfect for a cat that spins tales with a touch of dark humor.
  5. “Eerie Enigma” – An apt name for a cat that creates an unsettling, yet intriguing atmosphere.
  6. “Mystique Moonshadow” – Conjuring images of moonlit nights and enigmatic cats.
  7. “Poe the Ravenclaw” – Named after Edgar Allan Poe, the master of the macabre.
  8. “Spectral Whisperer” – A name that evokes the image of ghostly apparitions.
  9. “Witchetty Whimsy” – Ideal for a playful and mischievous feline with a witchy twist.
  10. “Pumpkin the Purrfect Gourd” – A charming name with a Halloween theme.

These Halloween-themed cat names should give your feline friends an enchanting and spooky identity. 🎃🐱🌟

Try as I might, my Odin expressed zero interest in all my Halloween decoration, let alone a costume. Halloween and cats, oh boy, it’s wild. I asked Odin, ‘You wanna dress up?’ And he’s like, ‘Dress up? Darling, I wake up looking fabulous every day, unlike you! Who needs costumes?” Ouch!

You can see my Halloween videos at my other blog Boomermuse

Odin agreed to pose for a sort of festive shot.

I spookified him for this card. He was not amused. Happy Meowloween anyway!


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Funny Halloween Cat Puns, Jokes & Names


  • Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs

    What a lot of fun…could you hear me giggling! The pups thought I was nuts…

    Our Suki and Groucho were both born on Oct 2, in different years of course and our oldest son on the same day! An amazing bit of serendipity! We had Groucho…son was born…second kitty passed away…and Suki came next!! No problem remembering their birthdays!!
    Too bad there are not any new furries here born in October to use any of those fun names…

  • Amy Harlib

    My purrfect companion, Astor-kitty (all black long- haired 4 1/2 year old fluffy Maine Coon mix adopted from Maine Coon rescue in Oct. 2019) and I adored your amewsing jokes – LOL! I think of Astor as my witchy-cat furrmiliar!

    Here’s a great cat name: GRIMBOLD, a character in a brilliant middle-grade children’s fantasy novel:
    GRIMBOLD’S OTHER WORLD by Nicholas Stewart Gray, one of my favorite books when I was growing up. It’s been out of print for years and is available on Amazon, pricy, but worth it if you crave feline-centric fantasy.

    Another great cat fantasy trilogy for middle grade readers is the Carbonel, King of the Cats trilogy by Barbara Sleigh, reprinted and available on Amazon reasonably priced.

    Those books have a Halloween/magical vibes while not about Halloween specifically as does the rare GHOST OF OPALINA by Peggy Bacon which is so rare, physical copies are priced at hundreds of dollars and it is only affordable as an e-book.

    Happy magical mystical cat-centric reading on Halloween!

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