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Nine Lives Film Teaser: Kevin Spacey Plays A Cat

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  • You know cats have achieved serious cred when Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey decides to star in a major feature film, a comedy, as cat-hating billionaire who finds himself trapped inside the body of a cat named Mr. FuzzyPants.

    Call it poetic justice or sweet revenge but Spacey, as Tom Brand, a workaholic who neglects his wife Lara (Jennifer Garner) and daughter, learns the hard way about what really matters. For years, his daughter Rebecca (Malina Weissman) has begged for a cat for her birthday. On the eve of her 11th birthday and no gift in hand, Tom finds himself in mystical pet shop filled with unusual and exotic cats (not your average Petco or Petsmart) where the store’s eccentric owner- Felix Perkins, (Christopher Walken. No actor does weird better), suggests getting a majestic Ragdoll, named Mr. Fuzzypants. Desperate to head home in time for his daughter’s party, Tom agrees to take the cat but has an accident en route. When he regains consciousness he discovers that somehow, he has become trapped inside the body of the cat.

    It’s a clever premise for a human to experience life as a cat, while gaining insights into a human’s life. I’ve often said in order to understand cats better we need to think like a cat. This film makes that fantasy, a reality. How cheesy a reality remains to be seen. Tom, as the cat behaves in annoying ways, driving his family bonkers but Tom knows if he there is any chance of becoming his old self, he needs to mend his ways and learn life lessons from a cat.

  • Take a peek the trailer. It’s looks like fun. The film has summer release date of August 5, 2016 and I’ll be curious see if the critics feel Nine Lives is the cat’s meow, or the dog’s breakfast. Spacey, a life-long dog lover has a dog named Boston and no cats but supports pet adoption. Cats in the media spotlight is usually good and this film is already garnering major media attention.

Ragdolls are beautiful cats with sweet dispositions but I would have preferred a non-pedigreed cat star. If the film is popular, we may find an uptick in kids wanting Ragdolls. This could lead to another 1001 Dalmatians syndrome. When the Disney film was released in 1996, kids everywhere wanted their own spotted dog. Fads pass but not before leaving thousands of unwanted, ill-bred Dalmatians. As smart consumers and cat lovers, let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to the Ragdoll breed.

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