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Cats Celebrate Hanukkah

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It’s your old pal Merlin here and doesn’t that make your Monday instantly brighter? Cats celebrate Hanukkah too. Just be careful with lit candles on the menorah.


Cat Wisdom of the ages_mondays with merlin In a world of suffering and darkness, we can spark the light of one candle or warm one heart, one loving kindness at a time. Darkness and negativity grows from fear, resentment, jealousy and worry. Last night, we were watching the news during dinner (I don’t recommend it) and it was one awful thing after another. I wasn’t watching since I’m blind but listening made my ears curl. Fires, floods, bombs, shootings, celebrities acting badly, interspersed with holiday ads for kind of material excess since we haven’t seen since the fall of the Roman Empire.



Don’t get sucked into the blackness. Focus on the LIGHT.

Luckily my humans switched to something more pleasant: International House Hunters. That was harmless enough until my dad said he’d like to move away from this gun culture to a place like Iceland. Iceland! Good heavens, I come from Canada, one cold country and I’m not about to move to another one. For the hell of it, Layla Googled Iceland’s requirements to bring cats into the country.

Holy Mackeral and shrimp sushi! They have zero rabies in the country and want to keep it that way. Getting pets into the country is Draconian. There is a mountain of bizarre forms, medical certificates and a 4-week quarantine with no exceptions, not even service animal for the blind! And they deliberately keep it pricey to dissuade the casual adventurer. With airfare, quarantine, tests and forms it would cost about 10K for our furry foursome. Not that my parents are fool enough to consider it. They had a good chuckle (always a good way to banish darkness) that and, purring of course.

Nope, we’re staying put. Mind you, I’d be half-willing to move to a tropical island with lots of dazzing light and warm sun. I enjoyed the warmish sun today and wish to remind everyone to focus on the light. It is the second day of Hannukah, the 7 day festival of lights. We’re a mixed religion clowder of cats. Odin and our dad are non-observant Jews. I’m more Pagan/Zen but my religion is love. We send lots of love and light to our Jewish friends and readers. Plus of lots of love no matter what your cats celebrate.

Hanukkah_cat_Be the Light



candle Much love & eternal light,


P.S. I love potato pancakes called latkes, traditionally served during Hanukkah but are usually made with onions, a no no for pets. If you’d like to give your pets a little treat make some with no onion and very little salt. One small latke, the size of silver dollar is plenty. (click the link for a yummy recipe made with coconut oil).


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