Feline Literary Lions

It’s a lazy hot August Sunday. Gris Gris has this to say…


No book reviews here today but our mom is at The Boomer Muse today. To see photos of some real literary lions with their feline muses, visit http://acatonmykeyboard.wordpress.com/famous-writers-and-their-felines/

Read anything good lately? Anything I should read?

Odin had this to say…






on “Feline Literary Lions
11 Comments on “Feline Literary Lions
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  2. I took it upon my self to learn how to read one day, but misplaced my reading glasses. The thought and effort of trying to find them was too complicated and exhausting to me, so I decided to nap instead. I think I made the right decision. I am happy to see Odin agrees with my choice!

    Meows from Zee the Maine Coon Cat!

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