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Double Giveaway for Kids Who Love Cats

One of the first books my mom read to me was about kittens. Needless to say, I begged her for a kitten which began my life long love of cats and all animals. These days books for kids can not only entertain but educate the next generation of cat lovers who love reading. Bangle Bear Read More

Buffy_cat_National_tabby _day

Kitty Cuteness Proven To Improve Human Performance + More News & Mews

Cat lovers knew this day would come. Leave it to researchers from the land of Hello Kitty to scientifically prove that simply looking at photos of cute kittens enhances work performance. A team led by a Hiroshima University professor with 130 college students conducted a study called “Power of Kawaii. Kawaii is the Japanese word Read More

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The Best Catnip Isn’t Always Catnip – Giveaway From Plain Brown Tabby

We test a lot of products at Cat Wisdom 101 and our boys are catnip aficionados but Merlin, our senior team member rarely enjoys catnip anymore. When a package arrived from Plain Brown Tabby stuffed full of delightful catnip+ toys, I wondered who would like what. Not all cats like catnip. Some prefer valerian or Read More

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Vet 101: Do Cats Think They Are Human ?

Our guest blogger for Vet 101 Q & A is Dr. Letrisa Miller, a veterinarian with a feline exclusive practice. With cats being the subject of endless jokes, it’s easy to anthropomorphize¬† them and be confused by their behavior. Q: Do cats think they are people, or do they realize they are a different species Read More

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Astro Kitty – The Libra Cat

The Libra cat is born between September 23 and October 23 and they are the charmers of the zodiac. All cats are beautiful but Libra cats are ruled by Venus the planet of love and beauty, giving them an extra sparkle. They know they’re beautiful and carry themselves with a diva grace. Vanity is their Read More

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Meowvelous Mondays With Merlin

Many lament Mondays but to old cats like me, every day is a gift. And, guess what, it’s my 18th birthday next week! My mom, Layla hasn’t wanted to say anything sooner because she wasn’t sure I’d make it. Well, knock me over with a feather but I’m hanging in there. I had to show Read More

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A Street Cat Named Bob – Book Review & Giveaway

Merlin (pictured above) gives his Four Paw Rating and thinks some angels have purrs instead of wings. That was my conclusion after reading A Street Cat Named Bob: How One Man And His Cat Found Hope On The Streets by James Bowen. You may have seen the popular YouTube video of busker James Bowen playing Read More