Astro Kitty – The Libra Cat

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The Libra cat is born between September 23 and October 23 and they are the charmers of the zodiac. All cats are beautiful but Libra cats are ruled by Venus the planet of love and beauty, giving them an extra sparkle. They know they’re beautiful and carry themselves with a diva grace. Vanity is their middle name. They won’t turn up their pretty noses at monogrammed cat collars and purrsonalized cat food bowls or beds like this one from

cat-personalized-bed-libra-astro kitty

These charming and elegant felines can be manipulative, batting their paw at your sleeve and giving you the look no one can resist. A little more fishy flakes? Oh alright, just a little more. They’ll reward you with a melodious purr, meow and head bonk. Don’t forget to say how beautiful they are while you stroke their fur. Not just beautiful, but that they are the most beautiful cat in the world. They get a bad rap for being lazy. They aren’t. They just prefer lounging about looking divine.

These cats like attention and enjoy both human and feline companions. If you’re having a party, don’t be surprised if your Libra cat saunters into the room looking to be the center of attention and lap hops from guest to guest. They are fastidious about grooming which you can help with regular brushing and claw trimming.

Libra is all about balance but can be indecisive. They can be fussy about their food. The worst thing you can do is try one variety of food after another trying to please them. This is the classic cat who can’t decide between going out or staying in and when they go out, will want to come back inside. They’re sensitive souls who like order and routine with no extremes. Please don’t blast heavy metal or stay out too late. If you’re feeling under the weather, these sweet kitties will purr and coo until you feel better.

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