Double Giveaway for Kids Who Love Cats

One of the first books my mom read to me was about kittens. Needless to say, I begged her for a kitten which began my life long love of cats and all animals. These days books for kids can not only entertain but educate the next generation of cat lovers who love reading.

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Bangle Bear The Tale of a Tailless Cat by Martha Steward is the charming and true story of the author’s Manx cat. Written for children but to be enjoyed by all ages, it’s the first children’s book I’ve read that addresses the realities of indoor/outdoor cats. Steward doesn’t sugarcoat the “gifts” Bangle Bear brings indoors through the cat door. The book, A Mom’s Choice Awards Silver Recipient advocates spay/neuter, the joys of adopting older cats (and not just kittens) from shelters, educates why cats and dogs make good friends, why cats hunt and even why they might need to be de-wormed. Bangle Bear is a now a happy senior cat who still has adventures in Lake County, California.

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Our second giveaway is a double prize-pack of coloring & activity books from Tiniest Tiger. Their Conservation Cub Club is where to learn about organizations and people who work hard to protect our wild big cats or homeless domestic cats in need.

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Gris Gris thinks they look like fun!

If you’d like to win either of our giveaways simply leave a comment at this post anytime until11:59 PM October 6, 2012. The winners will be announced next Sunday. Good Luck!

The winner of a last week’s giveaway for a copy of the delightful book, A Street Cat Named Bob is Susan M. Congratulation! Look for an email from Layla and Cat Wisdom 101.

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12 thoughts on “Double Giveaway for Kids Who Love Cats

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  2. I am a follower of Martha’s. I have her book Bangle Bear and I love it. It is such a great book for kids. I love how she is able to bring pet adoption awareness to the forefront in such a thoughtful way. 🙂

  3. A wonderful post to start the new day, October 1st is the start of pet adopt awareness, Adopt a Shelter Dog, if you’r more of a cat lover that will work too. Bangle Bear Thanks everyone for visiting and sharing her story. Have a wonderful Meow Day >^@@^<

  4. Dear Layla~ I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THESE BOOKS!!! As a children’s book author myself, I know first hand how important reaching the elementary age is; to educate and explain, true stories, and the need to share, how special animals are. My school visits, have been my favorite part of my books release. I also volunteer thru our sheriff’s office, to read to the children who live in the farm workers village. The children of migrant workers, who supply our grocery stores with fresh vegetables and produce. I always make it a special day, with cookies and juice, but most important, is the time I give of myself to them. Thank you, Lisa

  5. As always really cool prizes and wonderful books.We would love to win this to share with a child.
    Luvs and purrs Skeeter and Izzy >^@@^<

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