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Wisdom’s Kiss: Book Review

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Wisdom’s Kiss by Catherine Gilbert Murdock is not technically a cat book but it has a one wise black cat named Felis el Gato as a character. In times of stress, this is a delightful escape into a fairy tale world. In this case, eight characters take turns narrating the clever love story full of wit and double entendres in eight creative and different forms including: memoir, a script of a play, letters, diaries and something called The Imperial Encyclopedia of Knowledge. It’s pegged as a YA (young adult) novel but the references and cleverness transcend age. The Wisdom in question is one of the main characters named Princess Wisdom, and we think that would also be a perfect name for a cat.

Wisdom's Kiss book

The author lives in Philadelphia with a husband, two kids and a black cat. Visit her at

Published: September 2011 Houghton Mifflin. 304 pages.

Rating: three paws.


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