When Feline Gods Are Smiling

We have good news and so so news. First the good news! Cat Wisdom 101 is a Pettie Award finalist for BEST CAT BLOG. We couldn’t have done it without your votes, so big purrs of thanks from the bottom of our furry hearts. To find out more please visit Pettie Awards

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We had fireworks last night both natural and man-made. One powerful zap from Mother Nature and poof, a blackout and a fried computer despite power-surge control. Fortunately everything is backed up but I’m unable to access any of my new posts or images. So, not only are we on vacation but on a forced blogging break. You’d think a freak-out was in order but relief reigned supreme. It’s this passion for excellence that drives us BUT…

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Over the past year, we’ve posted over 600 posts, thousands of original photos at our two blogs and the gods shouted from the heavens, “Give Layla a break!” Sometimes, if you don’t make a decision to slow down, a decision is made for us. So, if you’d like to help us out while we catch our breath, please social media share any of our posts or images. Pin to your heart’s content, share on Facebook, Tweet ’til the birds or the cats come home. And vote for us Here to win the Pettie Award for best cat Blog. We’d appreciate it big time!

We have all kinds of goodies up our furry sleeves and will drop a post here and there to surprise you. This is when being a Cat Wisdom 101 subscriber is handy. You aren’t one? Just look on the sidebar for the Subscribe by email box. Odin and his prizeIn the meantime, we dug into our Cat Wisdom 101 photo library for some oldies but goodies. Enjoy! This is rare pic of Gris Gris climbing a tree. Unlike Odin, he’s is more down to earth.


And Merlin is doing more of this than ever. Except at dawn when he expects breakfast in bed, and gets it. I’m definitely coming back as a cat in my next life! It should be easy since I already speak the language.

cat wisdom-to sleep-perchance- to dream-quote-merlin
Perchance to dream


21 thoughts on “When Feline Gods Are Smiling”

  1. Hope all is well – just wanted to let you know, in honor of it being Caturday now, I have shared an archive post on facebook of when my kitties were getting ready to meet Odin for the first time – for his first birthday party!!

  2. Yay! Congratulations 🙂 I am voting like crazy …. well once a day lol

    Yes quite a strong message! It’s sad that sometimes we don’t hear the gentle voice in the ear, and have to be zapped one way or another!, I hope you enjoy the break and and relax and recoup xox

    I sometimes have problems getting onto your blog and also sometimes the pictures don’t show!! 🙁

  3. I am so glad to get here. I did vote for you by the way.

    But I have been having ahHARD time getting here. When I click on your icon/name it 90% of the time will say you have no profile and I am left not being able to comment. Grrrr.

  4. Oh we are so sorry about the computer. WE know that is no fun AT ALL. We just tweeted out your post and will do so until you get back up and going full steam ahead!


  5. ConCats on the Petties!!! Sorry about the computer …we’re just getting fired back up after about 3 weeks of computer on the fritz down time too. Oh well ….take a cat nap lol.Luvs to all Skeeter and Izzy >^,,^<

  6. Layla, make sure you came back as one of YOUR cats! And make sure there’s a great photographer around! Enjoy your enforced time off and good luck in the Petties!

  7. Congratulations on being a Pettie Award finalist!

    We’re really sorry about the computer, though. 🙁 We’re glad thing are backed up. Which reminds our mom that *her* BACK UP hard drive is toast!

  8. Congratulations, Layla!!! We’re SO happy to see you’re fabulous blog is a Petties finalist!!! Enjoy the break…it’s good to listen to strong messages! ; )
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  9. Wow… that was a strong message sent to you indeed! I could have spared you all the computer woes and told you to slow down, but, highly unlikely you would have listened to me!!

    Concats on the Pettie nomination! What a fantastic honor and best of luck to you!


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