The Art of Being Feline

Our artistic friend Ann from Zoolatry is celebrating her 5th year blogging which gets a big impressive MEOW from us. We’re shining the Caturday spotlight on only one of our Cat Wisdom 101 cats: One-eyed Odin.

We believe every cat is as beautiful as an exquisite work of art. A proud, healthy cat loves being put on a pedestal (sometimes literally!) like Odin.


Or posing for a portrait if they feel like it. Odin is well aware of my presence as he takes note of a bird in the tree. Do you agree that cats never strike a pose that isn’t photogenic? june-cats-odin-garden-I spy

9 thoughts on “The Art of Being Feline”

  1. The Derry’s back and behind are very photogenic — good thing, since that’s what he presents to me 95% of the time I have my camera in hand. 😛

    Chumley was the truly photogenic one. And he LOVED posing for the camera! I had only a small film camera for most of the time he was with me, and I’m sorry I don’t have more photos of him, even “bad” ones.

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