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Domino here and I’m from Mew York. It’s come to my attention dat Layla posted embarrassing pictures of me inside da house in a tiny bed looking fat. Let me set you straight. It’s true I am liking la vida easy but make no mistake, I was feral for seven years and I’m no fool. I’m a tough guy. See the tip of my ear? Lost it to frost bite. I know what’s it’s like to go hungry. I leave no food bowl unturned, even sneaking upstairs where they keep the good stuff. But, I spend all day outside in my usual spot on the porch. Got that? See, this is my true nature, proud and free. I make the Man try and try to get me inside every evening. Ha ha. I like the game. Him, not so much.

Formerly feral-domino-cat-catwisdom 101

Dude, chill. This is Gris Gris from da Bronx and you’re not so tough. Admit it, you like hanging out with us. When the sun came out this week, we all sunbathed as if we were on the Jersey Shore. Merlin really needed it since he’s been on antibiotics for a nasty dental infection. He’s getting old and I’ve been working hard keeping an eye on him. Thanks for giving him some kisses.

sunbathing-cats-happy- cat wisdom 101
Gris Gris, Merlin, Domino & Odin
Merlin & Gris Gris

Merlin here and I’m so grateful for my friends. Everyone is being very concerned, snuggling and rubbing their scent glands so I know who is who since I can’t see well. I stay glued to my dad all evening and I sleep glued to Layla all night. The both do all kinds of healing energy work on me and it helps. The meds are kicking in and I’m feeling perkier wanting to go for my usual walks. Sometimes I get confused and start going in circles. Then I get scooped up and coddled. I like that but not the taste of my meds. Ick! It takes four arms to hold me down. Ha, I’m still got some life in me! Mostly I like napping, catnip and free-dried chicken treats. The vet is coming again next Saturday. Purr big time for me, okay? I don’t want to lose a tooth or worse!

under the weather-quote-sucks-cat

For comic relief there is always Odin. He’s happy as a clam, playing with Domino all evening, wrestling and goofing around. I don’t really like when he burrows under the duvet bed with Layla but hey, it could be worse.

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LOL cats-we must stop meeting like this- cat wisdom 101
Odin & Domino


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