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New Careers For Cats On Labor Day

Happy Labor Day from our hard-working team who are sharing new careers for cats on Labor Day. We all have more than one job, how about you? Our Odin works 9 to 5 in the garden on rodent duty and by 5 he trots inside looking beat to hell. Layla always says, “Hard day at the office?”

careers for cats on Labor Day

























Our friends at Furball Fables have a brand new “careers for cats” video which in itself is a very difficult job. My fellow Black Cats Tell All author, Buddha stars in many of their videos  See the others in their cat careers series I could never do that kind of acting! All I do are videos for Instagram stories. Thank Bast, they only stay up for 24 hours and then vanish. Cats since the advent of the Internet have never worked harder!  Excuse me, I have an important appointment. My 3 pm catnip inspection must be done before my catnap.

We’re keeping it light and short since our last post took forever to do but the resources will be be valuable for months and years ahead. Click if you haven’t seen how you can help Hurricane Harvey cats

Buy Black Cats Tell All to help #Harveycats   To make a donation or to purchase our nonprofit book, we are donating 100% of net proceeds to disaster relief.

A thousand thank you purrs,

Clyde, Domino, Odin and Nou Nou


Caturday Funny Furry Valentine

The loud sound you may hear is the collective purr of loved cats this Caturday as we present a love letter to you and a Funny, Furry Valentine.

Our good friend Chase Holiday, the creative cat lady behind FurBall Fables made a special video for V Day.

It’s not the usual comic antics of her kitty crew but includes real cat lovers with their cats. It’s touching because we can all relate to that bond. It doesn’t matter if you’re  single or married. It’s not about being a crazy cat lady.  My husband is more of a crazy cat lady than I’ll ever be. Cat love when bestowed on a human is earned and not necessarily forever. Mistreat a cat and you won’t see faithful puppy dog wags. Cats are extremely discerning and when they love you, you’ll know. If you know that kind of love, lucky you! May you enjoy your funny, furry Valentine this weekend.

A recent poll shows 28% of people are planning to buy a Valentine gift for their dogs, and only 17% for their cats. Whaaaat? And dog owners will spend $25 on dogs compared to $21 for cats.

Estimated  spending is expected to reach $753.87 million dollars ($489.48 million on dogs and $264.39 million on cats). That a whole lotta pet love. Cat toys and treats are nice but I love the idea of giving yourself a gift too. There is nothing more lasting and meaningful than a pet portrait AND YOU COULD WIN ONE. Today is the last day to enter our giveaway. You can also enter by leaving a comment at our giveaway post.



Tell us in the comments who your special Valentine is. If you don’t have one, we hope a kitty cupid strikes. Sometimes kitty love is as brief as snuggles while volunteering at shelter.



funny furry valentine

We feel lucky having amazing readers, friends and being apart of a global cat community. Be sure to stop by on Monday, on Valentine’s Day eve for more LOVE and a funny furry Valentine.

Layla, Clyde, Domino, Domino, Odin, Nou Nou and forever Merlin.

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Caturday Careers for Cat Purrfessionals

Our cats work hard at numerous jobs and being a muse is 24/7 occupation. With Labor Day around the corner, what could be better than new a video, Careers for Cat Purrfessionals from our friends at Furball Fables. 

If you have a lazy cat, this make may give them some ideas on how to earn their supper. 

Dear Buddha, one of the furballs has quite the tale to tell in our upcoming book Black Cats Tell: True Tales and Inspiring Images. The project mushroomed into a far larger undertaking than our wildest dreams.

Herding cats is never easy but juggling over 50 cats from around the world is, you guessed it, like herding cats. It’s the reason we’re unable to post regularly, but we are posting an sharing oldies and goodies across all social media, plus at least one new photo or video on Instagram daily. Yesterday’s clip of Odin and Domino making double biscuits on our cat dad is a little embarrassing.

What is your cat’s #1 occupation or career?

cat-labor day

See you here on Labor Day!

cats-labor day

Olympics Feline Style: MeowOlympics + Vintage Funnies

The Summer Olympic Games are on in Rio but if you prefer cats and avoiding the Zika virus, we have the MeowOlympics and our weekly vintage feline funnies.

The Olympic Games, originated 12 centuries ago but held in modern times since 1896. Cats have played Olympic sports or some variation for over hundreds if not thousands of years as our vintage images demonstate.  Have a fire under your butt? Scroll down to view.

More recently, cats of all stripes have gone for the gold. Check out our good friends and fellow CatAthletes from Furball Fables.  The multi-talented Buddha will be making a literary appearance in Black Cats Tell All.

These are our favorite Olympic sports. Which ones are yours?

The most exciting thing about the games is element of surprise. No matter how hard an athlete trains, the competition is fierce. A win or lose is a wrong move or millisecond away.


Our boys love wrestling and I think Odin and Domino could easily win gold in the MeowOlympics.


In most of  the vintage illustrations of cats with dogs, the cats are in a superior position. We had to play with that notion here.


Some days are golden when the gods are smiling, while others days…


fates conspire against you.



That’s life! Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose but we keep trying our best. We have two winners for last week’s caption contest. The kitty day at the beach was no picnic displaying bad kitty parenting skills. I’d like to send a tuna to Nellie for “Tuna” and responsible kitty pawrent badge for Sammy Hey kids, be careful at the beach especially if playing PokemonGo.


Our new vintage kitty caption contest is another beachy theme. This doesn’t look like any Olympic diving we’ve ever seen. More bad kitty parenting? Bizarre feline hero worship? Fun cameraderie or what?

Go for the gold. Tell us what you think is going on in a comment.