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Shelter Fat Cat Spotlight: When Food Is Not Love

Layla Morgan Wilde/ February 4, 2015/ #AdorableAdoptables & Shelter Stories, Cats, Holistic cat care, Shelter Cats/ 19 comments

Feline obesity rates in the U.S.are at an all time high of 55%, which means: there are over 40 million fat cats. Fat cats may seem funny or cute but fat doesn’t equal happy or healthy. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’re reminded of how food and love go hand in hand. Advertisers target humans to buy chocolate buy

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Fat Cats Are Cuddly But At Risk For Heart Disease

Layla Morgan Wilde/ November 14, 2011/ Cat Behavior 101, Man Cat Mondays, Mondays With Merlin/ 11 comments

Cats are cuddly but fat cats are at risk for heart disease. We’re sharing updated data. In 2011, about 50% of cats were obese. The latest study from Pet Obsesity Prevention reveal cats are getting fatter, a whopping 58% regardless of age. October is National Pet Obesity Awareness Month. Our reluctant model is Merlin from his obese period during midlife. It’s

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