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We’re heartbroken. Our favorite cat bowl broke. Don’t ask. That’s the chance you take when you choose breakable cat bowls. Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk…

We’re big on eco-friendly products at Cat Wisdom 101 and always curious as cats to try new ones. The lovely people from FLOAA which stands for “For the Love of All Animals” send us some of their biodegradable, eco-friendly, disposable and stackable pet bowls to try out. They’re made from sugar cane fiber that resembles plastic but isn’t. Sweet! Visit them at FLOAA or buy here at 50% off ($3.50 for a pack of 10)

Odin was more than willing to be our tester.

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We like using a variety of bowls (usually re-purposed) of various sizes. The FLOAA bowls are large ( holds 16 ounces of food or water) making them suitable for dogs or cats that don’t mind sharing a bowl. You can rinse and re-use (not dishwasher safe). We would use them for travel and they’re ideal for pet sitters, vets, groomers, dog or cat show booths, small shelters or anyone who doesn’t feel like washing pet dishes everyday. That doesn’t include us and we like to re-cycle so what to do?

When we turned one upside down,  I placed a toy ball in the over spill groove and bingo! invented a new cat toy.FLOAA-pet-bowls-cat wisdom 101

CatWisdom101.com was not compensated in any way for this review except for the samples shown (above). We are open to receiving new cat bowl gifts.

13 thoughts on “Sweet Eco Pet Bowls”

  1. Aw, we liked that broken bowl too. We kitties are home bodies here and don’t like to travel. We love our own little world. Thank you for putting us on your blog roll. The mom will return the favor when she puts one on our blog. She has been so busy and her mom is ill with leukemia, so there hasn’t been much time.

  2. I have to agree that the dish makes a great toy. Good discovery. We seem to have plenty of dishes, which is good because we have plenty of cats too. Our neighbor gave us some china that they didn’t want and so those are our dishes. At least it is being used. Take care.

  3. Now that does look very cool. The Woman wanted to say that she is hoping her new camera will be here today and then she will try and get some shots of Ichiro. It’s been just dark enough here that she has to use the flash with her current camera so it’s hard to get good eye shots! She’ll be posting on FB of Ichiro (although he is doing a bit better)

    1. Good to hear all of the above. Pls. Let me know when you post.
      @Marg, I use a lot of chinaware too and it’s a good way to re-cycle.\

  4. I think I like your new toy better than these bowls. I would worry about them having the same effect as plastic bowls (as mentioned by Angelina) on sensitive kitties. I’m also not crazy about the fact that they’re not dishwasher safe. I definitely would not recommend these for raw feeders. They would, however, be great for kitties that travel.

    I’m sorry about your broken bowl. It looked beautiful.

  5. Wise Feline,
    We found out recently that using plastic may have been the cause the acne among some of my brofurs and sisfurs….so Mama went out to buy some nice Japanese pottery to be used as our new food bowls. Fancy that! purrr….meow!

    1. Yes, plastic is the worst!
      @Max, thanks. We rotate about a dozen bowls. So far so good.
      @Ingrid, I agree, I’d use them just for travel. Must head over and see about your fountain review.
      @Carolyn, while some people experience no problem with plastic, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

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