A Purrfectly Imperfect Christmas

Christmas for us this year is purrfectly imperfect. Domino was not his usual Cheshire cat self the past couple days. He responded to the Reiki (energy healing) I gave him, but yesterday morning I knew something was wrong when I found him hiding in my closet. It’s same closet all our cats goes to when they’re not feeling well.

With Christmas close, I didn’t want to take any chances since he’s FIV+ so we drove him to the first vet who could take him right away. I won’t get into all the details but I’m glad I listened to my intuition. So now, he’s quarantined, shot full of antibiotics and we have sub Q on hand if if needs more. We’ll know more when we get the results of the blood panel. It’s not what I expected for Christmas but life is imperfect like that. The only gift I want is a healthy cat on my lap.

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We’ll be celebrating very peacefully and quietly and that suits us fine. How are you celebrating Christmas?



47 thoughts on “A Purrfectly Imperfect Christmas”

  1. Layla, we are sorry you and Domino had such a lousy Christmas. We hope he is doing better soon, waiting is the pits. Our mom is recovering from some surgery, and we will purr for Domino too.

  2. dood, sendin MOR blessings o ST Francis two ewe N we hope ewe R doin better two day…dont spoze yur mom fixed any trout? a trout a day keeps vampirez a way…noe wait thatz garlic….

  3. Hope Domino’s out of quarantine and feeling better soon.
    Wishing you happy healthy purring cats on your lap!
    Our Christmas visitors have left and we’re looking forward to Mickey Mouser’s re entry from his
    hiding place in the basement. There will be treats and presents for the cats tonight.

    1. Maggie, thanks, he’ll have to be quarantined until we have the test results but it’s a large cozy space and I’ve been sleeping there to keep him company.

  4. I’m sending prayers to Domino and Ellie Mae is sending purrs. So sorry to hear he is not feeling his best. Hope the rest of the family was able to have a fun and happy Christmas.

  5. Mom knows that Christmas is rife with lots of potential pot holes for ppl with aching hearts, for whatever the reason. She knows amongst all the happiness there is immense sadness and worry. So we hope the news is good for Domino and we will keep on purrin for that.
    Meowy Christmas from the ManxMnews family!

  6. I am hoping your kitty feels better soon. And all the others whom are not feeling well. Big hugs and purrs. We just opened presents on Christmas Eve and had a nice small Christmas dinner today. Merry Christmas to you.

  7. I got a call last night about 12:30 from my grandson that they were opening presents and did I want to come over and watch. The adults decided they wanted to sleep in, they had spent the day at my son-in-law’s relatives and were about Christmased out and wanted to sleep in. So, they decided head off my youngest grandson who would have everybody up at 5 a.m. and open everything last night. So we will be having dinner later today and enjoy each others company.

  8. Sending love and healing purrs to Domino….we celebrate Christmas quietly every year – with just me, Mom and Dad it’s always a happy quiet time listening to Christmas music while we open gifts and peek in our stockings! Since I was a very good boy this year Santa brought me some nice things. I hope Santa was good to all of you and we’ll be thinking of Domino and hoping he’s home with you real soon and feeling perky again!

    Meowy Christmas, Sammy

  9. Oh My! PURR,PURR,PURR,PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…we send healing purrs to all!
    Izzy has had a touch of intestinal upset as well since she gobbled down some of Skeeter’s food before I could pick it up. We truly hope everyone is feeling much better in a jiffy and that nothing is serious! All our Luv and Purrs Mewy Catmus! Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  10. Awwww Auntie Layla, we are sorry to hear Domino isn’t feeling well. I will purr healing purrs to send his way and Mom is thinking pawsitive thoughts. Please do not worry, he is a strong mancat who has overcome a lot. How lucky he and his brothers are to have such an intuitive, devoted Mom. Merry Catmas to the Wilde Clan! <3 Mewmew!

  11. My human can relate! Just today, Binga was coughing, I have been off my food and Boodie threw up everything she ate this evening (she did not even have time to digest it, hope that is not TMI!). My human is keeping her fingers crossed that we are all doing better tomorrow so that she can enjoy the day, and we can too! NONE of us want to visit the emergency vet on Christmas!

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