A Purrfect Giveaway From Kidz Entertainment

The next generation of cat lovers are here. If you know a child ages 3 to 8 who loves cats, dress-up, sing-a-longs, coloring books and picture books, I have the purrfect gift for you! The Show Cat: I Wanna Be Purr-fect is the whole kit and caboodle in one package. Odin, our always curious products tester and sometime book reviewer didn’t know what to make of this new kitty at first but gave it a sniff and paws up.

Kidz entertainment-cats-picture book-giveaway

It’s a fun interactive experience and nicely put together from Kidz Entertainment. Visit their fun interactive website to see and hear their large range of products in more detail.  We are offering our readers a chance to win this large gift pack is excellent quality and includes a large hardcover picture book, a coloring book with crayons, a plush kitty handbag that doubles as a hand warmer/muff, a pearl necklace with rhinestone charm and a sing-a-long CD of kitty ditties. This particular Show Cat Picture Book package will be available to our readers for the incredible value of $29.95.

I wanna be purrfect-review-giveaway-book-children's-cats-giveaway

If you’d like to win this purr-fect gift, simply “like” this post and leave a comment. If you’re not already a subscriber to Cat Wisdom 101, we’d like to invite you so you can always be first in line to enter our giveaways.

Congratulations go to Theresa & Prudence. You are the winners of last week’s giveaway for a copy of Peg Kehret’s wonderful memoir Animals Welcome

24 thoughts on “A Purrfect Giveaway From Kidz Entertainment”

  1. We’d like to be included, but we didn’t see where to like the post, except though FB which we aren’t on. We did like the way all the social button pop up though. Does that count? (Hee, hee.)

  2. My grandaughter is an animal lover like me &loves my cats. She has 2 dogs but her mom won’t let her have a cat, so she would really love this gift!!

  3. Concats to Theresa and Prudence! This is an adorable set! Even if you don’t know a child for this it would be a really graet thing to donate to your local shelter for a raffle item if they do that type of thing. Always think outside the Litter Box! MOL Purrts of happiness Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

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