Pet Naturals Review and Contest

2012 will be very calm for one lucky Cat Wisdom 101 reader who will win a year’s supply of Calming For Cats.  The very nice people from Pet Naturals of Vermont sent us a package of their Calming treats for us to try. These all natural supplements are chicken liver flavored and contain a calming colostrum complex.  We wanted to to conduct a fair review and that meant not allowing Odin and Domino to chime in. They’re feline pigs and like anything resembling a treat. The most nervous cat is Gris Gris (photo on left). After being rescued as an ill-treated basement cat for over ten years, he’s come along way but he’s still high strung. Merlin’s pretty mellow especially when he wears his calming collar but I wanted him to test the texture of Calming. Gris Gris almost toothless and Merlin has gum issues and hates hard crunchy treats.

pet naturals-calming- cat wisdom 101-LOL cat

Gris Gris agreed, “Feeling at ease isn’t always a breeze but what will it taste like and let’s check out those ingredients and dosage. One a day or two or three if really stressed? Oh my, that’s me and who is that cute kitty melody?”

pet naturals-calming-treats-cat wisdom 101

The semi-soft chews crumbled easily and I divided two into several pieces to prolong the pleasure. They hoovered them down in five seconds flat.

Pet naturals-supplements-cat wisdom 101

I divided one more chew. They inhaled and snorfled the towel. I felt good giving a treat that was good for them unlike many products loaded with salt, artificial colors and flavors. Gris Gris liked it as much as his fishy flakes but would it calm him? I waited and waited. They snoozed happily. There wasn’t a  druggy med reaction like popping a Valium but a gentle and subtle calm. The next day he tried it again and within about twenty minutes I noticed Gris Gris soften from his usual wiry intensity. He’s been enjoying one or two Calms a day for almost a week. He’s a notch less edgy and that’s good enough for me. Please note: these are supplements and not a substitute for veterinary care. If your pet is ill, please bring them to the vet.

To win a year’s supply of Calming For Cats supplement/chews from Pet Natural just  leave a comment at this post anytime before January 27th. For extra chances to win “Like” Pet Naturals page on Facebook and “Like” this post and our page Cat Wisdom 101

Like to receive a free trial size of Calm For Cats? Visit

The company, based in Essex Junction, Vermont has information on their wide range of supplements for cats and dogs for wellness from healthy skin, joint support to urinary tract health at Pet Naturals of Vermont

This is an unbiased review and we were not compensated in any way except for a product sample.

32 thoughts on “Pet Naturals Review and Contest”

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  3. I am ALWAYS on the look out for holistic means to help a kitty de-stress. I foster special needs (medical and behavior) for Fancy Cats Rescue Team in Fairfax VA and have a fairly nervous boy maine coon kitty named Isaac. I have been trying all sorts of techniques and things have helped but he still gets so very nervous. I would love to try these to see if it would help him not be completely scared the next time a potential adopter comes to meet him.

  4. I signed up for the free sample at Pet Naturals of Vermont – it will be very interesting to try them with our crew! We have nine cats, all rescues, some formerly feral. Several are very skittish, and a couple others don’t get along too well. Any calming would be welcomed!!

  5. Cool !!! and I’m so happy this product works out well for Griss Griss : )
    Don’t worry to enter me cause I was born to be calm ..tee..heh..heh

    Good luck to everyone

  6. I have a cat I adopted this year who is having a hard time transitioning from having been an only cat for 10 years to living with other cats. Will try these to see how they work.

  7. I liked this post and I’m gonna like Cat Wisdom 101 on FB. TW sez I need something to calm me down because I’m always attacking her and Pop. We’re gonna see about getting samples.

  8. We sure could use this calming deal for some of our wild boys. We have Lucky on something called Composure so we sure could use this year’s supply. It really does help just to take the edge off.
    Have a great week end.

  9. They sound good. I really laughed at your “hoovered” sentence and it brought back such fond memories — I had a cat I actually named Hoover because that’s what he did with his food, every single day.

  10. I have never used this product before, but! I just rescued a kitten…and I have had many baby pets before in my life…but he is the King Of Crazy! My older cat is now crazy as a loon too! This is the perfect product, for a need that I really have! This is the “perfect” contest and product! Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. I started using these treats when I was integrating an 11 year old tortie with a 1 year old calico. Things had not been going well, despite Feliway diffusers and flower essences. The treats made a noticeable difference. I use them regularly.

    1. Chey, I was thinking of Ichiro because I feel he has similar energy to Gris Gris. Please let me know how he responds.
      Thanks everyone! I’ve added a link so anyone reading can get a free sample of Calming For Cats

  12. Oh I would love to win this! I have 7 cats and my 8 month old is so HYPER! He jumps on all of my cats and drives them nuts. So they need calming treats and he needs calming treats. The little guy has heart disease so I worry about him being so active and crazy. But he has to live his life! I also foster and sometimes having a new kitty shifts things in the house.
    I will also check out the website!

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