Hot News About My Cat From Hell

What’s hotter than a 3-balled tomcat? A new season of My Cat From Hell to be produced by 3-Ball Productions for’s Animal Planet. Cat lovers have six new one hour episodes to look forward to in 2012. Host and cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy struck a chord with audiences with his unique style. Cat lovers, let all your kitties know: Cats are one step closer […]

The Mighty Prize Hunter

We have two purr-ific winners today. We’re delighted announce the winner of the one-of-a-kind cat necklace designed by Wendy Christensen is Simba, a ginger floofy cat. I’m assuming he will share the prize with his mom. Simba and his sister Audrey who blog at Pretty jewelry may make a human happy, but a prize of a furry kind makes some kitties very happy. Yesterday, […]

The Talented Wendy Christensen

There are cat lovers and then there is Wendy Christensen. She does it all. With Wendy Christensen, it’s All Cats, All the Time. Wendy is The Cat Herder™ at Bobcat Mountain Studios, perched high on a hillside in rural New Hampshire. She’s a Cultural ailurologist; award-winning writer, artist and illustrator; painter of cat portraits; designer and builder of cat jewelry; cat behavior consultant, and pet […]

4th of July Blast

This a holiday edition of Mondays with Merlin. An abbreviated version. Call me a curmudgeon but I’m not sure about this 4th of July thing. First of all, I’m Canadian even though I live in NOO Yawk. I don’t like BBQ or don’t get me started about fireworks. That whippersnapper Odin might like seeing the sky lit all technicolor, but I’m too old for that […]

Cherished To The End

Cherished: 21 Writers on Animals They Have Loved and Lost is a collection of 21 essays edited by Barbara Abercrombie on pet loss from writers like Ann Lamott and Jane Smiley who recall the demise of beloved pets. This is not exclusively a cat book but every pet owner can commiserate. The pets range from dogs and cats to horses and pigs. Beautifully written, it […]

Cats Just Wanna Have Fun

Question of the day: what is the feline equivalent of being in the doghouse? Odin, here and it’s my turn to host Cat Saturday even though I’m in the doghouse for being very naughty. *Yawn* as if I care.What can I say? Cats just wanna have fun. I have a thing for trees and twice this week I escaped from my harness to indulge my […]

TGIF Feline Style

It’s Canada Day, the eve of a long weekend to celebrate the 4th of July and Friday! The mancats of Cat Wisdom 101 never need any reason to kick up our heels to celebrate. It’s summer and the living is easy at our house. Gris Gris loves running and Can you tell, we’re just a little bit happy? That happened when Gris Gris accidentally ran […]

Vet Q & A: Summer Safety

Welcome to our weekly Vet Q & A with Dr. Richard Goldstein of the Mobile vet Squad Keep those questions coming, especially summer safety related questions. Send questions to Please note: if your cat is ill, bring them to a vet. Dr. Goldstein cannot diagnose online. If you are going away for the long weekend and are not bringing your cat along, please make […]

Chin Up! It’s All Good

Photo quote de jour Merlin here reporting for Layla, who is crazy busy juggling several balls and projects while keeping her chin up but not too high. We were dragging our chins a bit lately. First, our contest prize got switched yesterday, but it’s a way better prize so it’s all good. You can still win. Go enter (see yesterdays post: Purrs and Roses). Then, […]

Giveaway News! Purrs and Roses

Wendy Christensen, the jewelry designer of this week’s giveaway just announced the prize was sold but will substitute something even better. I think it’s more beautiful and is twice the price. So, if you already left a comment, you’re entered in the contest. If you haven’t, then please leave a comment and share. Deadline for entering is Monday, July 4, 2011 at 11:59 PM, ET. […]

Meet The Conscious Cat

Wherever I travel, I bump into cats and cat lovers. No matter what language we speak, we’re united by the universal language of love: cats! I happened to meet a very special cat lover at a cat show in 2009 and then again at the Cat Writers Association conference last year. We’ve been friends ever since. Some of you may know her as the Conscious […]

A Jewel of a Giveaway

We’re excited to announce a jewel of a giveaway. Artist and writer, Wendy Christensen designs gorgeous one-of-a-kind necklaces and other jewelry on Etsy Handmade Cat Jewelry for Cat Lovers This week’s giveaway is this sparkly duo will have you purring with delight. Multicolored Czech fire-polished glass beads make up this double-strand necklace and matching bracelet with sterling silver kitten charms. The 16 inch long […]