Are All Cats Zen Masters?

It’s Monday, so that means it’s Mondays with Merlin, your host, a meezer geezer whose been around the block a few times, so listen up. My mom, Layla thinks I’m a Zen master, but I think I’m too chatty to be one. I do come up with some good ideas though on my meanderings in the garden. I visit my usual haunts and favorite sniffing […]

50 Games For Your Cat

Cats, especially ones with no access outdoors, need lots of play to prevent boredom and to stay in good physical shape. If your kitty is turning into couch potato or you’ve run out of play ideas, then you’ll enjoy 50 Games For Your Cat by Jackie Strachan. The simple explanations and glossy photographs on every page are easy to follow for any member of your […]

Our New Siamese Foster Girl

What a week! There’s never a dull moment at our house for the cats or the humans. You’d think our appearance on The Daily Show on Monday night might have been the highlight, but it wasn’t. Last Sunday, I attended a fund raiser committee meeting at Cat Assistance, the shelter (where Odin and Gris Gris are from), and left with a little Siamese foster girl. […]

Jackson Galaxy, Odin and Me

Jackson Galaxy, Odin and Me, Layla Morgan Wilde Making television is a lot of work. For every minute of air time there can be hours filmed that never see the light of day. For the clip that aired this week on The Daily Show with Jackson Galaxy, Odin and me, the crew spent over all afternoon at our house. There were various set ups and […]

Meet Tamar Arslanian of I Have Cat

Tamar Arslanian is the funny, fearless feline lover behind the popular blog, I Have Cat. I met her last year at the Cat Writers Association conference and  felt immediately drawn to her humor, candor and energy. It’s no surprise that her blog is nominated this year for a Pettie award. LMW: You began your blog, I Have Cat two years ago. What was your impetus […]

The Power of Love

Our mom Layla is taking a well deserved breather, but she wanted to mention our The Daily Show segment last night was cute, but they left the best parts out! Jackson Galaxy was a good sport. They spend three hours at our house filming for Layla’s one sound bite, but that’s the way the catnip crumbles in show biz. I thought I looked pretty good. […]

We’re on The Daily Show Tonight with Jackson Galaxy

NEWS FLASH: Watch our mom Layla Morgan Wilde and Jackson Galaxy host of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell be silly in a segment tonight on The Daily Show 11PM ET. Odin is the star and hopefully everyone thinks it’s funny. If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s satirical and they love making everyone look foolish. Ah the joys of looking like an idiot […]

Mr. Cranky Pants Protests

Mondays with Merlin is a forum for an old wise cat like me, Merlin to teach life lessons or shoot the breeze. Sometimes we do both. Kinda like killing two birds with one stone, not that I’ve killed any birds in a dog’s age. We also call it Mancat Mondays because we share the camaraderie of other mancats across the kitty blogosphere. All over the […]

Train Your Cat In 10 Minutes?

Odin is the inspiration for this fantasy image. All cats have rich imaginations involving real or fantasy prey ( in this case my feet).  Some cats, like Odin, are more mischievous and can wreak havoc without some training. Cat Training? Fact or fantasy? Do you dream of having your cat behave and respond to your every wish? Or have your cat perform like a TV […]

Cat Saturday With Domino

Welcome to Cat Saturday, which chronicles the lives of the Cat Wisdom 101 Cats. I’m Domino, and this is my first time hosting. I’m a cat of few words. I’m feral and recently learned that I’m a Snowshoe. Something bad happened to me when I was young and I don’t trust humans. I’m happy to live on the porch but since I lost my family […]

Pet Blog Awards Season

This is Merlin, dreaming of winning an award or crown or world domination. In a few short years, pet blogging has grown leaps and bounds with an astounding array of blogs. There are personal pet diaries, educational blogs on health and behavior, humorous showcases from cartoons to costumes, pet pop culture, style, causes, advice columnists and everything in between. To honor the best of the […]

Vet Q & A – Drinking and Air Travel Tips

This week’s Vet Q & A with Dr. Richard Goldstein continues with our summer related cat care topic. If you have a question for Dr. G, please email it to Layla: 1) Does my cat need more water in the summer? He doesn’t seem to be drinking much. He eats both wet and dry food. How many ounces of water is correct for a […]