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Feline Muses Love Muse Cat Food

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Cats are my every day muses and finally there is a cat food inspired by and created for our feline muses, called Muse Cat Food. A simply brilliant and a brilliantly simple concept thanks to a partnership between Purina and PetSmart (the exclusive purveyor of Muse Cat Food).

I love the word “Muse”, the source of creative inspiration dating back to nine goddess muses in ancient Greece. Each muse specialized in their own brand of inspiration from poetry to love songs. Creativity and curiosity go hand in hand and what is more curious than a cat? My other blog is called Boomer Muse. I’ve been awarded three Muse Medallions from the Cat Writers’ Association, but it’s my cats that spark creativity and from writing, photography to troubleshooting cat behavior issues every single day. I find everything about cats inspiring and amusing but especially my cats. Then again, you probably feel that way about your cats. Like all parents (pet and other), we think our kids are the best and naturally want the best for them.

I got plenty curious about The Muse Cat Food’s pretty packaging is but what about the ingredients? Could Muse tick all my nutrition boxes and taste good? Grain-free, real fish or poultry as first ingredient, no wheat, soy, artificial colors or flavors? Check, check, check. The real test is the taste test and there was only one way to find out.

Muse cat food merlin

After four years of cat blogging and product reviews, my cats and I are more than a little fussy. I expect a nicely packaged product, sent in a timely manner with clear communication from the pr peeps. Purina and my pr contact Sarah H., did not disappoint. The cardboard suitcase, filled with samples, little dish and toys was so pretty I could envision toting it to the garden for an impromptu picnic basket. I also like truth in advertising and the actual product is pretty darn amazing in real life.

Muse Cat Food-Purina Petsmart

I’ve learned with cats to expect the unexpected. Things didn’t go quite as planned. Photo bombs. Odin devoured the pate before I had the chance to add the tuna topper (great new idea for fussy felines). With 18 choices on the menu there’s lots of fun ways to mix and match flavors.

Muse Cat food

Merlin, who is blind and turning 21 in October, ignored the food in the bowl and went straight for the can. He never does that but he couldn’t enough. He’s not normally not allowed fish being on a CKD kitty but an occasional treat is fine. The Muse Cat Food chicken sounds divine.

Muse Cat Food-Merlin


So, Odin is now a member of the clean plate club and Merlin maestro of feline Muses is a Muse Cat Food aficionado. With Pate, Broth, Chowder, Toppers available now and Gravy varieties coming soon, there’s something for everyone. While fixing and fussing I got the tuna topper all over my fingers and accidentally licked it clean. I think I many want to come back as a cat in my next life.

Check out the entire menu of inspired recipes for Muse Cat Food at PetSmart or the Muse Cat Food ingredients, reviews and community at Purina

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