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Odin Meets Liz Taylor & Haunted Pet Stories

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Every Sunday, I post photos of everything I read at my other blog The Boomer Muse including a pile of magazines, library books and publicist sent new works. Reading is a passion bordering on obsession. Odin decided to get in on the action and fell in love with Liz Taylor (or at least her image). He kept sniffing and pawing. Could it be her perfume, White Diamonds? The sniffing and pawing spread to my vintage handbag. Bingo, this truffle hound had found his prize. I don’t remember leaving any treats in the bag but sure enough, I fished out an empty treat bag with one treat left. I confess, Odin choose it over Liz.

Liz-Taylor-cat-odin-humor-architectural digest

I believe in ghosts and believe they can take a four-legged form. A new book, Haunted Pet Stories: Tales of Ghostly Cats, Spooky Dogs and Demonic Bunnies by Mary Beth Crain lured me with its Halloween cat-eyed cover. My appetite whetted, I dove into the bite-sized stories of cats sending messages in dreams, to cats who haunt hotels, homes and harbors. While not exclusively cat stories, all are eye-opening. From devil dogs to barnyard phantoms, all serve up suitably spooky fare. My only complaint is the brevity. Many of the stories would have benefited from being a fleshed out (no pun intended).

A puurfect gift for Halloween or reading around the campfire while roasting marshmallows.




















Published July 2011. Pequot Globe. 182 pages.

Rating: 3 Paws by Odin


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