Cat Saturday:Power Struggles

“I want to write,” says Merlin.

“No, I wanna write,”says Odin.

“I want bash in Gris Gris’s head,” says Domino.

“I don’t wanna take my medicine,” cries Ling Ling.

If you didn’t know better, you’d think it was a bunch of brats wailing to a harried mother. The more cats or kids , the more juggling and potential for power struggles.  Just another week chez Layla. The house is still divided with a quarantined hospital wing for foster gal Ling Ling. Her course of antibiotics ended yesterday and she’s turned the corner. I think this photo speaks volumes. It’s amazing what meds and the power of love can do.Siamese-foster-cat-ling ling-portrait

In order to spend more one-on-one time with her, I stay up until the wee hours with her. She makes an excellent reading assistant except when she’s kissing my eyelids and headbutting (no complaints there!). When I can’t keep my eyelids open, I sneak downstairs to my bed like a cheating lover to deal with Merlin.

He cries, “Where have you been? You smell like another cat!” He crawls over me, chastising (loudly) and scent-marking until I’m his again, and falls asleep in my arms. While I’m with Ling Ling, Gris Gris warms my spot for me, but leaves when once I arrive. The intricate jockeying of position goes on 24/7.

Odin, eternal trickster, mischief-maker and odd man out, acts out by lobbing objects to the floor for sport and to get attention. Since Merlin and Gris Gris have bonded, his only feline friend is Domino who is an outdoor feral. He’ll do anything to get outside to see him. Here’s this week’s mischief hall of shame.


The cute culprit feigns innocence.


Odin escaped briefly yesterday for a romp with Domino. The bad news is: Domino and Gris Gris are engaged in an escalating power struggle. They tussled on the lawn because Gris Gris dared go near Domino’s food bowl.

The good news is: Odin is more amenable to being caught more quickly and easily. Instead of hubby freaking out when he escapes, we ignore Odin and refuse to play “Cat and Mouse” because guess who’s the mouse? All three cats joined in a spirited rabbit chase. Score: Cats 0. Rabbit 1.

Here’s Gris Gris keeping an eye on Odin up a tree.

gray-cat-garden-wisdom 101-gris gris

On another day, I heard a plaintive crying outdoors. A first I thought it was Domino, who often talks to the wind. My suspicions aroused, I ventured into the garden and spotted a black cat (either Ambien or her sister Lunesta) who I suspect are former lovers of Domino’s. She raced off before I could determine if she was in heat. Domino had a resigned look of lady, I can’t help you out in love department.

After seven weeks of antibiotics, this is the best we’ve seen him look in a long time. He has a slight remaining limp, and the next adventure will be to attempt to trap and x-ray him again to determined whether the infection is gone. Now, that will be a power struggle.


In the midst of our crazy lives, it’s important to stop, enjoy and maybe unplug? The entire gang wishes you a safe and happy weekend.


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