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Not Fade Away: Mondays With Merlin

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Some Mondays are sunny and others are sadder than sad. Three dear blogger cats died last week boom, boom, boom darkening our cat blogosphere an inky black. Your Mondays With Merlin host, that would be me, a meezer geezer, older than dirt is fading but will not fade away. My mom, Layla was biting her nails, praying I wouldn’t be #4. I’m still getting around on my four wobbly legs but took a tumble all the way down the stairs last week. Thank Bast they’re carpeted. My dad saw it happen and Layla was shocked witless at how I bounced back, no worse for wear. That said, they blocked the stairs in case I decide to commit suicide or practice gymnastics for the next Olympics.

Yeah, I’m fading but hell no, not fade away. I’m gonna tell you how it’s going to by sharing this old tune “Not Fade Away”. The Rolling Stones covered it in 1964 and this video has no annoying ads. Crank it up friends because this is for everyone who has loved and lost a cat. You love cats and us cats love you back.

You know my love will not fade away
Not fade away.

View the full lyrics for Fade Away

Yesterday was the warmest sunny Sunday in my memory forDecember. I couldn’t believe it, but it’s true: I enjoyed yet another picnic. There I was eating some yummy, raw nom noms on a blankie when Layla takes a video of me which she posted to Instagram. They have a 15-second maximum, but it wasn’t short enough. If you click on the first thumbnail on our Instagram widget in the sidebar you can hear it for yourself. I wanted to cover my ears! Layla was going on about the picnic being the last one.

Maybe yes, maybe no but I won’t fade away. For some strange cosmic reason, a photo taken at the same time would not upload. Ha, there is a god! So Layla found an older pic which I find acceptable.



On that note, I give you a new Motivational Monday quote. It’s meant just for humans since cats have no trouble turning around. In fact, we are very skilled at showing you our back when things are not satisfactory. I wish you a most satisfactory week!






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