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New Litter Box Rule

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It’s Mondays With Merlin and I’m your host Merlin, a meezer geezer. I taught my mom Layla something new about litter boxes this week. Cats are never ending founts of wisdom!

We all know multiple cats need multiple litter boxes spread out on each floor of a home. The current rule is one litter box per cat plus one but what happens when your cat’s needs change? When cats getter older, they slow down. They might have less mobility from arthritis or like me, blindness from cataracts.

Stairs can be a challenge and last week, I just couldn’t get to the litter in time and took a whiz in the entry hall. Then yesterday, oops in the living room. When you’re old and confused, it’s a schlep to trek 50 feet to a litter box. Accidents are gonna happen. And if you think your old kitty is going to like going into a moldy basement, a dusty furnace room, a noisy laundry room, think again. We deserve better, quieter and cleaner areas. Think like a cat!

So, Layla surveyed every nook and cranny of our pretty big house to figure the distances between each litter boxes and discovered both my “accident” areas were close to each other and at least 25 feet from a litter box. She added another box in the area and I like this new rule: a litter box within 25 feet of each other. You may need to adjust the distance for your cat(s). Just don’t make us run hoops getting to the litter box.


  • Bernadette

    Merlin, we are all okay right now, but in other times, the only place in the house off-limits for a litterbox was the kitchen, which is quite small, so our geriatric brothers and sisters didn’t have to work too hard (and we didn’t mind either). Glad your human is sensitive to these things.

  • Glogirly & Katie

    That’s great advise, Merlin! I’m having Glogirly take note of it. I’m still a sprite 7 year-old and would of course like to think I’ll have a spring in my step forever. We live in a three level townhouse and I really prefer my box downstairs. For now. Maybe she oughta think about another satellite box for me as I ::gasp: age.
    ; )

  • Kathy Thompson

    Merlin ,you deserve the very best and we know your mom will give you every possible comfort and modification to help ease your time now. We luvs you so much and hope that you continue to be blessed with good days and nights. We just wish all kitties were as fortunate as we all are. Luvs and purrs wise one…Skeeter and Izzy >^oo^<

  • Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

    Yes, good advice, Merlin. When our cat, Kit, was getting on in age, we added a new litter box to be close to her. She spent the majority of the last part of her life in the kitchen on the floor next to where the food was. I also gave her a special bed and a litter box, almost like she had her own little efficiency apartment and I know she was grateful that I made her remaining days as comfortable and peaceful as possible.

  • Fuzzy Tales

    It’s a good idea, and probably not something a lot of humans think about. We have 4 boxes right now, one upstairs, two in the basement and one outdoors (yep). But when Derry had both bouts of cystitis, the mom put one by the dining table (it’s a very small living/dining area, there’s no ideal spot for a box on the main level) so he wouldn’t have to go too far. She’d rather have a slew of boxes around the house than deal with accidents!

  • Tamago

    Great advise, Merlin, and your mom is wonderful to do survey and make improvement for you. We have two kitties, so there are 3 boxes in each bathroom. I will remember to adjust according to their need. Think like a cat!

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