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New Forest Scent by World’s Best Cat Litter is a Breath of Fresh Air

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World’s Best Cat Litter: New Forest Scent review by holistic cat behaviorist Layla Morgan Wilde with product testers: Odin, Merlin, Gris Gris and Domino.


Even the most domesticated cat is in touch with their wild nature, naturally. Cats love playing tiger in the jungle whether in their backyard or behind a potted plant. Cats love fresh, natural scents and my cats are lucky enough to enjoy the outdoors safely. Odin, pictured below loves the forest-scented earth to sometimes do his business in, but how would he feel about a forest scented cat litter? He and the rest of my cats found out, when they tested the new Forest Scented cat litter from World’s Best CatLitter™. Since I’m a Catvocate for the brand, we got a sneak peek at the new scent.


WBCL-forest scented-cat litter

My cats, like most cats, turn their noses at strong, artificially scented litters but scented litters from World’s Best Cat Litter™ are different. We love that there are no synthetic chemicals, clays or perfumes and it clumps like a dream. Made from renewable resources like U.S. grown whole-kernel corn and plant derivatives, it’s pet, people and planet friendly.

I opened the bag and smiled. They did it. They captured the essence of a natural forest. Clean, fresh and woodsy but subtle. We’ve tried pine-based litters in the past but hated the pungent pine scent. World’s Best Cat Litter™ Forest Scent is made of natural wood fibers and corn.

When trying a new litter I normally recommend adding it gradually to the old litter in incremental amounts over a few days but I did an experiment. I set up two identical boxes side by side. One filled with their regular unscented litter and one with Forest scent. Odin, my forest-loving feline made a bee-line to the Forest Scent litter and has used it since. The rest of the test team quickly followed, happily digging away. Domino especially loved kicking up a storm. Thankfully, this litter is dust-free!


WBCL_Forest Scent-Cat litter-NVR Miss litter box

It’s natural for cats the dig and scratch about in their litter. Happy cats do, then they do their business and cover it up. Cats unhappy with their litter don’t scratch, sniff, dig or cover up their deposits. If they really don’t like their litter, the litter box or location, they may resort to going out of the box or worse, elsewhere.

Cat Wisdom 101 tip for storing litter. We like to store our litter in large covered buckets with a pouring scoop inside. A regular plastic measuring cup works well. The air-tight lid keeps the scent from dissipating and curious paws out.

Note: With some food-based litters, the grain scent may attract some cats to it but that hasn’t been my experience with this brand. Even if kitty takes a nibble of World’s Best Cat Litter™ it won’t cause any harm. If a cat is consistently eating something non-food, it’s condition called pica and I’d suggest a vet visit to rule out an underlying medical cause.

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