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Neko Flies Cat Toy Giveaway + Surprise

Neko Flies-cat-toys-giveawayneko flies-foxifur-outdoors-interactive play


The premiere wand/fishing pole type cat toy every cat craves are Neko Flies and you can win one! The best way to improve the human-animal bond and prevent behavioral issues is with interactive play. Nothing is easier and more fun than the realistic, interchangeable wand toy creatures like the creeping Kattipede, scurrying Foxinator and flying Kiticatterfly.

Odin, our master hunter is a big Neko fan. He feels it’s the next best thing to real prey. It’s up to the hunting assistant (the human) to be creative with moving the Neko Flies toys to mimic real prey, flying, swooping, scuttling, hopping, up and down in circles for maximum fun and exercise. To satisfy the prey hunting sequence, make sure your cat catches the “prey” but not chew it up. When not in use, please store all Neko Flies safely away.


You know your cat has had enough prey play when the plop down and lay on their side.

Usually I like playing with my cat indoors but playing outdoors provides an enhanced experience as Odin demonstrates in this brief video. I only recommend playing outdoors with cats in a safe environment.

To enter for a chance to win a Neko Flies Kattipede and Rod cat toy simply leave a comment. For extra chances to win share this post on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and mention in your comment where you shared.

Our Neko giveaway ends midnight EST, May 17, 2013 and the winner will be announced on May 18, 2013.

To connect with the Neko Flies visit their website at Neko Flies and follow Neko Flies on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest

Disclosure: We received Neko Flies to test but were not paid for this review.Our opinions are as always are own. No purchase necessary to enter giveaway. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Winners will be notified via e-mail. The winner(s) of the giveaway are chosen by random and are required to give Cat Wisdom 101 a shipping address for their prize. If there is no reply to our email within 4 days, an alternate winner will be randomly chosen again.

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We’re delighted to announce the winner of our awesome double giveaway from Nordic Naturals is Bernadette. Congratulations! Look for an email from Layla and Cat Wisdom 101.

Surprise! You’re invited to Domino’s Birthday Party tomorrow!


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91 thoughts on “Neko Flies Cat Toy Giveaway + Surprise

  1. I purchased the kragonfly with wand for my two kitties. They LOVE it!!!! I haven’t seen them jump like this for a while. I definitely have to stow the kragonfly in a drawer when not in use as they would simply destroy it. Great products!!!

  2. My cats would love one of those! I’m sharing with my friends on facebook and emailing the ones who aren’t so they can all enter the contest too!

  3. My Walter goes to the closet door where his toys are kept & will do his Maine Coon cry until someone gets one of his toys & plays with him! (They wand toys are kept “up” or else he would chew them to pieces.) The Neko Flies looks like he would LOVE them.

  4. My five sweeties would FLIP for this prize, literally. My great dog would join in. Thank you for the chance to win.

  5. That looks like alot of fun. I know my Chelsea would have liked this. A few of my cat moms friends would surely love this!

  6. My Marley and Josie both love Neko flies! Marley especially loves them and does the best back flip in the air when trying to get the foxifur. He’d love to have another one!

  7. The girls just shredded their bird thingee in play this morning. It was okay and got them moving but it wasn’t very sturdy. I’d love to give this a try.

  8. To enter for a chance to win a Neko Flies Kattipede and Rod cat toy simply leave a comment.

    Would be great for my “grandcat” Hagrid

  9. I had been meaning to buy one of these for Ellie Mae but have not done so. Winning one would be even better. I do hope Domino had a lovely and WILD birthday!

  10. Looks like great toys for my red headed furbaby, Catur Dave. Shared on my FB page and his as well. Look him up on FB.

  11. My cats would absolutely adore the Neko Flies toy. They would go ballistic trying to chase it and get their exercise. My calico cat is 15 lbs and needs to play more to lose weight. 🙂 I shared on Pinterest in the cats album, on Facebook and on Twitter.

  12. My cat, Buddy, LOVES the Katarantula. He & I want more! (…because my roommates have 6 cats of their own & we go thru a lot of cat toys around here!) =^ D

  13. We love anything that flies… even flys!!! Please, please, PLEASE… Hook us up Layla!

  14. Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! These look like hours of fun! We would luv to win! Luvs Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  15. Neko Flies are the BEST! We have one at home, but would love to win one for PAWS. 🙂

    Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful comments when it was time for our Sammy to leave for the Bridge. Your words and your friendship are such a comfort to us at this sad time.

    Much love and hugs,

    Kevin, Tracey and Moosey

  16. My cats absolutely love Neko toys and any wand toy. I have to be very careful when playing with Gooseberry though. If it is made of feathers he will tear it apart. Any other toy he grabs in his mouth and locks down so I have to manually open his mouth to get it back 🙂 When we’re really playing though Gooseberry will fly after it until he collapses. He has so much energy.

  17. I would love to win this for my active kitties. They love wand toys and I have been wanting to get them a Neko Flies one for some time.

  18. I would love to win this toy for my boy Smokey! He loves wand toys, and always enjoys a fresh new one!

  19. My cats scratch and bite me if I do not give them new toys. I need help… I may bleed to death if I don’t win the Neko Flies and rod for them.

  20. I bought the Neko fly for the Purrfect Pals adoption room at the Petsmart where I volunteer once a week. The cats love it. I think the little squiggly thing has been loved to death so if I won this, I would donate it to the room.


    a veree happee 10TH birth day domino N heerz ta 1000 mor..hope ya get plentee oh cake, donuts, pizza pies, burgerz, friez, steaks, trout, flounder, sghetti, ham samiches, mackerull, shrimp, cod, salmon, catnip, grazz, pork chops, butter, ocean fish, snapper, sea bass, herring, a 2013 FURRarreez car; a new cat tree witha full lee stocked frig attached, whitefish sardeenz, mice…N most oh all we hope ya enjoy de day N haz FUN !!!!


  22. They look like fun! We play with our two cats on a regular basis and they go through toys like kids.
    Kyo would love this one.

  23. We love the Neko Fly….and ever since Zoey ate ours, we need a new one. Yes, Zoey ate it…the mom was playing with her and left Zoey with the Fly for about 5 minutes and Zoey ate about 10 inches of the string. Sheesh. The mom cannot leave string toys with Zoey at all…not even for a minute. (pee ess. Zoey is okay,, though the mom panicked as you can imagine.)

  24. We would love a new neko fly toy. We have worn out the one we have. Thanks for having this drawing. Odin, you sure look like you are having fun with yours. Take care.

  25. My kitties have never tried any of them before, I love the design, they look perfect for kitties, great fun and exercise, and looks like fun for kitties human family! We would love to try a Neko Flies toy here!!

    Shared on FB and Twitter @celticirishh

  26. I would absolutely love to win a Neko Flies toy- I am a huntress by nature and practice! I will drop
    by Domino’s party for sure, mew rock Domino!

  27. Both Smudge and Malady would love to have one of these wand toys. They are both indoor cats as it is not safe to go outside where we live. Our other cats were allowed out and unfortunately, we have lost them to whatever predators roamed the woods.

  28. Both Smudge and Malady would love to have one of these wand toys. They would have a blast with it! They stay indoors for a number of reasons, but it’s all good. It’s just not safe out there for us!

  29. Sam does love wand toys but doesn’t have any of the Neko Flies (does this mean he’s wand-deprived??). Anyway, he’d love to win one – AND it sure looks like Odin thinks a lot of the Nekos so that’s a good enough recommendation for us!! Domino’s birthday pawty? Count us in!!!

    Pam and Sam

  30. My human says that out here in coyote country, there is NO safe outdoor environment. So we have to play with our Neko Flies inside… but we don’t mind! You don’t have to enter me in this contest – I already have LOTS of Neko Flies!

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