Musing on The Muse Medallion

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Last year, at the Cat Writers’ Association awards banquet, I won a Muse Medallion for Best Color Photography, but this year I couldn’t attend. While winning is always a momentary thrill and a lasting honor, it doesn’t define me.

There will always be awards I won’t win, and winners who won’t win next year. There are twists of fate, flavors of the month and politics as usual. What matters to me is moving forward, doing my personal best and striving to improve. It’s what artists do, no matter what their metier. I don’t know any writer, painter, musician or blogger worth their metal who thinks there’s no room for improvement. To be complacent or drowning in ego is artistic suicide.

No one knows better than me when I’ve missed my mark, posted a less than perfect post but tomorrow is another day. Another day to try better, do better.

Have you ever noticed how cats don’t beat themselves up over not winning? “Oh, damn, I didn’t catch that mouse. What a horrible, untalented cat I must be!”

No, they just try again and get better. When Odin was a kitten he struggled to climb to the top of bookcase. Day by day he improved. Now he scrambles up effortlessly. Cats don’t care about awards or medals unless they’re made out of catnip. Maybe.

Gris Gris could not have cared less about me winning the Muse Medallion this year for Best Black and White Photography even though he was partially responsible. A portrait of him helped me snag the award. He said, “You woke me up for this?”

CWA- Muse medallion-best black white-photography-gris gris

Odin, on the other hand, ham that he is, expressed more interest. I think he’d love a Mini Muse of his own for Most Amusing Cat.

CWA Muse medallion-cat-award-photography

Of course Merlin is beyond the notion of winning prizes and gifts when the best gift is waking up every day. We have winners here every week. If you feel like winning a gorgeous one-of a-kind bowl with you cats’ names on it, just leave a comment here for a chance to win one! Have an winning weekend!


20 thoughts on “Musing on The Muse Medallion”

  1. It is too bad you were not even able to attend. I think Merlin is very bright (although we are quite thrilled to have won the book which came yesterday already!)

  2. Concats again on the award! Thats why we love you Layla,because you are grounded and real.
    Luv Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

    1. Thanks Sparkle! I so wanted to hang with your mom like last year. I hope to be there next year but life is so unpredictable. Much hinges on Merlin and his care.

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