Multitasking Cats (Not)

Cats don’t need to be told to relax, take a break and enjoy life. Cats don’t multitask (despite the sillyInternet pics). Cats are masters of focusing on one thing at a time. Today’s post is piggy-backed from our sister site Boomer Muse and about multitasking myth-busting. Don’t be fooled by Gris Gris gazing longingly at the tea. Two seconds later he caught a whiff of his bounty: a piece of smoked salmon. He was rewarded with a little piece of salmon for teaching me to pause, reflect and enjoy.

zen-tea-tuesday-cat-smoked salmon-cat wisdom

14 thoughts on “Multitasking Cats (Not)”

  1. I this one goes to those hardworking and no-pause-no-break kind of person. great job for having salmon and catnip tea. Enjoy your meal. 🙂

  2. I am actually starting to take inspiration from my two non-multitaskers. I sometimes just take a weekend day and do nothing but the bare minimum…bath,eat,sleep,feed the cats….
    Tea for two would be wonderful in the garden with you Gris Gris. Non multitasking purrs Skeeter and Izzy >^,,^<

  3. Yum. It would be surprising to see a multitasking cat. Love the tea pot (mais oui) and the cream cheese, bagel and lox. Reminds me to order one in Montreal. I will go to St. Viatur and Fairmount both for a taste test. I used to go only to St. V but now we got to F.

    have to find my single-tasked cats. In bed. Nite!

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