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Mondays With Merlin: Walk With Compassion Not Pity

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Happy Monday, dear ones. I’m here today to talk about walking with compassion and not pity. I bet you’ve never seen me, Merlin from this perspective. It serves to illustrate the old “walk a mile in your shoes” quote (not that cats need or want shoes). This cat’s eye view also helps you giant humans see what cats see. When you stand over us, it’s like King Kong. Even when you crouch over, it’s better but you still tower over us. If you lie face down on the floor and lift your head a smidge, that’s about the right height to see eye-to-eye. Then again, if you like your creature comforts like me, you can see eye-to-eye in bed (yours not your cat’s bed which depending on your home may be one and the same). In any case, try not to judge my journey, or anyone else’s until you walk in their shoes or footsteps.

cat walk in your shoes quote

You know cats like to be literal but let’s get back to the metaphor. It’s easier to judge, criticize, roll your eyes with disdain about nearly anything, but if you could pause for a moment and rewind, replace the snap judgment with a dollop of compassion everyone will feel better. Someone could look at me walking like the ancient old man that I am and feel pity. Please don’t do that. I may look old and doddering but I had an excellent week. I was positively frisky on my garden walks and yes, I am smelling a slight hint of autumn.

Pity is not compassion. Pity has an element of condescension. Oh, you poor thing, while secretly thinking thank Cod, it’s not me, my cat, my life. Pity separates. It’s the unfortunate beggar, downtrodden person, creature, situation there and the one doing the pitying on another level. Pity may elicit help, an action, donation but usually from obligation or to appease a guilty conscience. Compassion comes from the Latin word compassio which means “co-suffering”. It’s a feeling of wanting help relieve suffering with no strings, no judgement, no agenda but simply a genuine desire from the heart.

May your week be free from suffering. May you enjoy moments of joy, peace and ease.


Merlin cat -walking quote perspective



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