cat tarot 4 of cups hearts

Mondays With Merlin and a Twist of Enchanted Tarot

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Merlin here. It’s occurred to me that I still have lots of things to teach you. Have you noticed with humans, they learn something, forget and have to learn lessons all over again? Wisdom never takes a holiday and there are many ways it shows up. During the madness of the last couple months with illness and death, we shared some kitty tarot on our Instagram page. The Enchanted Tarot, one of Layla’s favorite tarot decks arrived in 1995, the same year I was adopted! We have a long history with that deck and imagine our delight when the artist Amy Zerner who created the Enchanted Tarot began following us on Instagram. Of course she’s a cat lover.

So, I thought it would be fun to pull a tarot card of the week. The interpretation is applicable to anyone who needs to hear it. Devout Christians and Jews don’t believe in divination but the Tarot as we practice it, is not about predicting the future but gaining insights and self-knowledge in the present. If you have any questions about how tarot could help you, leave them in the comments.

I’ve recuperated nicely from my recent brush with death but it hovers like an unwanted dinner guest but no worries, life is a dream. Everything is love/peace/bliss at our core when we stop thinking and be with it. Stop, breathe, be still and know everything is okay now and forever and forever. Be with the silence that knows the truth under the mind chatter, the illusion of that we are somehow separated from God/Source. When you stop and listen, even for a moment, you will remember what you forgot.

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cat tarot 4 of cups hearts

The card I selected is the 4 of cups or hearts. It sometime symbolizes a world weary disillusion, depression or a forced time out from over doing or illness. Things aren’t horrible but kind of meh, like is that all there is. If you feel tired and torn about what to do next, it’s time for self-care. Go sit under a tree and meditate or do yoga or have a picnic under the stars. Do what cats do best, have a catnap. If you need a reminder, go watch a cat curled in serene bliss. Turn off your phone. Close your eyes, nice and slow like a cat. Feel your muscles turning sun puddle kitty relaxed. Breathe, exhale, breathe deeper, purrrrrrr……


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