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I’m still here and so are you but I have a BIG question and need your opinion. As you know I’m an old cat, almost 100 in human years and you don’t need to be Einstein to do the math. At this age I can defy the odds of kidney disease and live another year or could fly off to the great beyond today. That’s life.

Speaking of math, it occurred to me that’s I’ve been writing this column since 2011 and have racked up along with Mancat Mondays, hundreds of posts and gazillions of photo quotes. That’s a pile of kitty wisdom I think could be fun editing into a little e-book but…

wise-cat-quote-wisdom 101-merlinI don’t have anything to do with the technical computery parts (that’s what secretarial minions are for) but imagine my horror when I asked my minion mom, Layla, to look at the Monday With Merlin archives and found out they are not organized. What a mess and I can’t exactly fire my scribe/mom/slave. It’s time to take action and take steps to plan my legacy, hence today’s poll. You, my dear reader will help me decide how to proceed before I exit this mortal coil. Forgive my mom’s morbid line of questioning but she likes being prepared. I have no preference; just plugging along in the eternal now. Every day is catnip-laced gravy to me.

P.S. I write this nestled around Layla’s ankles under the duvet and all is well. Mind you, I did take a grand Niagara piss in bed the other day. What can I say, I make it to the litter box (located 8 ft. away) 98% of the time, okay maybe 89% but who is counting? I feel much perkier after sub-Q fluids which I need about 4 times a week now but enough about numbers. I long to feel warm breezes and sunshine on my face and furs again. Spring feels an eternity away but perhaps the cat gods will smile on me and grant me the joy of another purrfect June day.

Thanks and purrs For your input!

Mondays With Merlin…

Should retire once Merlin dies.
Continue after he dies.
Continue but include our other cats.
Merge with Mancat Mondays after Merlin dies.
Please Specify:

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34 thoughts on “Should Mondays With Merlin Continue Poll”

    1. YAY!!!

      It’s been a while, but as well as your blog being a bit stroppy receiving comments, The Staff has been “away with the fairies” for a week or so!!

      We will try and catch up 🙂 xx

  1. dood….just coz we mite knot be abe bull ta… “see”… ewe, doez knot meen ewe R knot…”heer” ….

    retiring ewe frum yur blog iz de same az sayin ewe never had presence ore voice on yur blog…N we can bet yur mom haz a bazillion things her will remember bout ewe; N we think it wood bee kewl ta share ♥

    …trout towne will ALWAYZ inclood gram paw dude & sauce….N de rest oh de crew when ther time comez…because itz who & what we R….

    de food serviss gurl says itz de leest her can due; keepin gram paw dude & sauce on R blog, coz it honors who they were N de life her shared with them

    we vote ya stay ♥♥♥

  2. Oh we love Mondays with The Great Wise One……but once Merlin has gone to the eternal sun puddle, I’d love to see it continue with the occasional hello from the other side AND perhaps the other boys chiming in with wisdom on a Monday. I don’t think I will EVER want Merlin to just vanish completely – Sammy adores him and so do I !

    Hugs, Pam

  3. I think your Mondays should continue Merlin. Our Friday Flashbacks became Eric’s Day even though I sometimes appear with him. As our blog is Eric and Flynn, so are you part of your blog and always will be.

  4. Merlin, it’s YOUR wisdom. We’re sure you shared some of it with the other cats of the house to make them think and develop their own wisdom. After you’re gone, we’re sure than another cat will share with us his own wisdom, slowly “grown up” by your side. Purrs

  5. We would love to see this continue but morph into something else with the occasional wisdom from over the bridge from our dear friend Merlin. He will continue to have things to say no doubt!
    We wish for you dear friend sun on your lovely face and warm earth between your toes as you walk the garden path for yet another Spring. We love you always.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^<

  6. I voted to continue as others did as well. I’m finally being able to incorporate Abby into postings here and there (beyond my monthly visits with our Journey of Grief series) and for myself only, I find it therapeutic.It has taken me over 500 days to be able to do this, but I think she is beautiful and want to see her. Even if it is only in memory. Merlin is a wise cat and he has much to share, now and in the future.

  7. I’d love to continue to read your words of wisdom, definitely, as long as you are with us. But when the time comes, I think it’s up to how your mom feels.

  8. Sorry–someone ran across the keyboard before the human was done!

    Having known a long list of elder statescats, we have always enjoyed Merlin’s insights and photos.

  9. I voted for Merlin to continue. I love his wise old cat perspective on life. I wish him (and I’m wishing very strongly) another Spring, sun and a warm breeze on his dear face.

  10. I love hearing from Merlin. Reading about the joys and sorrows he deals with everyday is inspiring. Merlin reminds me that even though I am physical disabled I can still contribute and will continue to for as long as I remain. I hope Merlin will continue to share his thoughts and feelings for as long as he remains with us and, if he’s moved to, after he is settled in Summerland, where the June sun will warm his furs while it’s being ruffled by a gentle breeze.

  11. Well, Colonel Meow’s outlooks continue to be published. . .but perhaps a finale with a nice book would be sweet. Best wishes for whatever you choose. Wisdom has a way of continuing on, even as the year turns.

  12. That’s a sad thought… a world without you… but that’s something we all have in common. I’m sure your feline siblings will have a good idea for the mondays and maybe the mondays can be yours anyway as a tribute to the wisest cat I ever met…

  13. Merlin, I think your wisdom is unique to you, just as Sparkle’s was to her. I’m sure one of the other kitties will come up with something else in their unique point of view after you are gone.

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