March Vintage Cat Madness And Present Sadness

Happy Mancat Monday with your friendly feline editor Clyde. Mind you, I’m feeling more bearish or lionish with the stormy weather. March arrived with the roar of a lion. Snow, sleet and a wicked wind knocked down massive tree limbs. Who knows if the Farmer’s Almanac is right about March coming in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. The only thing I know for sure is spring is coming officially if not obviously.

It’s with a heavy heart to have to announce the unthinkable. Another book contributor of ours has died suddenly.  We posted our tribute at our @BlackcatsofIG Instagram community for the dear Persian queen @Kootythecat.

She was our only cat from the Middle East and I’d like to think she is flying on her magic rainbow bridge carpet. Fly free dearest girl. See you one day.


A new month means a new/old cat art. So old it’s antique from 1896. Frankly, if there was a juicy bunny sitting beside me, I would not be serenading it with sweet music.

March like a Lion, Hare or Lamb

Odin agrees 110% having first hand experience in bunny hunting. We’re all been hunkered down indoors snoozing and binge-watching films. If you’ve never seen the classic Harry and Tonto, fire up your Netflix. It’s miles and decades ahead of its time and stars a ginger cat with Oscar-worthy acting chops. Art Carney won the Oscar for his role in 1975 and deserved it. It turned out Carney did not like cats and the crew placed bits of liver on his clothing to make Tonto, the cat the character he doted on, seem affectionate.


And look at this sweet black kitten from a home movie from 1958.  It’s cute until the woman picks up the cat at the end. We know now that scruffing a cat is painful and never a good idea.

Dear me, all this vintage nostalgia is making me feel old. Wait! I am old. Although not as old as the cat we featured on Instagram on the weekend. One senior puss 20+ was rescued and has found her forever foster home. The vintage cat food ad dates from 1949. I assure you no cat would appear glossy coated after a few portions of any food. It make you wonder if the cheap food then was actually better than now.

vintage_Puss _n Boots Cat Food -1949

oldest rescue cat

A blast from the past with Odin, dreaming of bunnies, Domino perfecting the half loaf and Angel Gris Gris plotting world domination.

It goes to show you, it’s never too late for feline love. If you don’t mind me asking, what the oldest cat you’ve had the pleasure to live with?

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44 thoughts on “March Vintage Cat Madness And Present Sadness”

  1. Sorry about the loss of such a sweet black kitty.

    Our first kitty together as a married couple was Groucho who was about 18 or 19 when he had to go to the RB, We had him for at least 11 years, got him for free from a furmily who had to clear their house of all pets due to preemie babies coming into their family with all kinds of equipment. So sad, but we loved him and he loved us too once he got used to us:)

    Pipo will be 14 next time round…

  2. I’m so sorry… it seems the year of the dog is not really a good one for the feline world… so much purring friends had to go within the last 3 months… so sad…

  3. We already sent condolences to Kooty’s in your earlier post. To Puss ‘n’ Boots credit, the canned varieties were heavy on fish, light on grain, (and stank something awful)! Cats in this area generally live 14-16 years, no matter whether indoor or outdoor (although the outdoor ones may expire earlier.)

    1. Thank you and for the early cat food info. I thought the same. It’s where “stinky goodness” probably came from. As costs of fish rose, brands added cheaper ingredients like cornmeal or other grain.

  4. Condolances to Kooty’s humans. Mr OK Kitty Superior was around 17 in spite of having to depend on the kindness of neighbors who kept him fed his first 10-11 years of life on the street. When we fostering him he was FIV positive had an airgun pellet imbedded under his ear – a tumor developed there later, and the beginnings of chronic renal disease I began managing daily after adopting him two hears later and moving us to Arizona from California – a flight he spent sleeping on my lap in his soft carrier. He taught me a soul mate isn’t always human and Miss Sootie is teaching me that soul mate lightening can sometimes strike twice.

  5. Guys; we are truly sorry to learn about your friend Kooty; Godspeed her journey to heaven ~~~~~ ♥♥

  6. Sorry to hear about another contributor going to the Bridge. What a darling cat too – I remember thinking that when I saw her photo in the book.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  7. We’re sorry for the loss of your friend Kooty. The oldest cat Claire had was Biscotte, aka Miiie (1977-1994). Claire was 4 years old when Biscotte arrived in the family. She looked like Zorro, black with a white tie, but was smaller and “rounder”. She was an indoor cat, but enjoyed our balcony and going out in the field around the house under supervision. She was literally Claire’s sisfur. Purrs

  8. Sad about Kooty. Always sad when it’s their time and especially when it isn’t.

    Love the black cat and the lion.

    Puss N Boots can from way back.. <3

  9. How sad that another contributor to Black Cats Tell All has gone to The Bridge. The oldest cat we ever had was my hubby’s cat, Patches, she was 19.

  10. We send our luv and purrs to Kooty’s peeps. We so hate to hear about departures. We know that she has to be flying on that magic carpet fur sure!!!!
    We have lots of fur buds that we have no idea of age.
    We found a mug over the weekend that describes us and our life to a T…
    Skeeter nad Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut $ Romeo and the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  11. Oh my. THIS is Sooo charming.

    Ched agrees and isn’t even upset I woke him up from ONE of his morning naps, between his lunch nap and afternoon nap. Oh, it is after lunch. He hasn’t had lunch yet. He takes a late lunch. Well, he’s still not upset.

    The woman who scruffs the cat is wearing an incredible outfit…

    Yes, when I was a child… I think my parents would pick up some of the kittens by the scruff.. I guess people assumed we should because the mother cat does… But the mother cat only does that when the kittens are very tiny, and she has no other choice. In our house, the mother cat picked them up to put them back in the cardboard box we had for their ‘home’, the mother would nurse the kittens there, and that’s where she wanted them, until they were…three months or so…

    Yes, now we know better.

    Love that black cat. Our black cat when I was in my teens, Kemal, was so special.

    The oldest cat I had was Emma, 1972-1992. Ched will be 16 in 15 days, and Mao (now in ATL), too. I’m hoping Ched will make it to beyond 20.

    Growing up our cats were indoor/out door. We never had a cat box. This was in the 50s, early 60s. Two got ring worm, Siami ran away at 7 when I took in a stray… Kitty I (Siamese) was poisoned = probably for pooping in a neighbor’s yard and Kitty II got kidney disease at 15.

    Emma lived to 20, indoor cat.
    Cheddar, also indoor.

    The shelter said Emma was probably born mid April to early May. So my then BF and I randomly decided May 1. Then, 16 years later, my son was born May 1.

    The shelter we got Cheddar from said probably born March-April, so I randomly decided March 20 because it is around the first day of spring.

    I think it’s cute that some cats are born on people’s birthday.

  12. I’m so sorry to hear about Kooty. Such a pretty cat.
    My oldest cat was 19 before he passed back in 1999, Lando Calrissian.

  13. Sad news about Kooty. We never have long enough with our dear companions. Only 16 years old?
    We all try to be grateful for the time we get, but it’s hard.
    We adopted a 2 year old Mom cat from the CT Humane Society many years ago. She was there for over 6 months having come in with her own kittens, and then used as a wet nurse for kitten orphans after that. Her nursing skills were no longer needed and she was put on the Kill List. We named her Maude, and she ruled our household and lives for 20 years.

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