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cat calender vintage

Cat calendars are a dime a dozen but back in 1892 they were a novelty. Time, then and now is marked by days, weeks and months, hours, minutes and years, moments and seconds. What we value hasn’t changed or has it?

Many moons ago Odin fit into his kitty bed but then…

Odin cat















something happened. Odin cried, “Mommy make it fit!”

Odin cat bed too small-001

Of course Layla couldn’t make it fit. Odin had outgrown it. We can’t force anything that no longer fits. Life is nothing but change, moon after moon after moon.

Odin cat bed

It’s been exactly one moon since Gris Gris died. Odin has taken to spending time on the window perch overlooking Gris Gris’s grave. His mood, captured above is suitably somber. The first signs of sadness lifting happened a couple days ago when Domino and Odin began playing with each other again. A good sign. Change and healing happens one moon at time. Like giving birth or after any arduous undertaking, I’d forgotten how exhausting grieving is. We forget in the soft passing of time only to remember again. Be kind to yourself this week.

cat memorial moon

Many purrs of thanks to those who have already participated in our pet loss study. If you have lost a pet of any species in the past year and would like to participate in a our confidential questionnaire, please email Layla info

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  1. Such a sweet post! Odin does look thoughtful there. I am glad the boys are starting to play again. A good sign! xx

  2. I hope they felt Gris Gris smiling down on them as they played.

  3. I know so well the passage of time and how it marks us as we watch it pass. Again I find myself wishing to hold back time and it will trickle through my fingers as easily as running water. (hugs)

  4. What a neat calendar. One moon but almost like yesterday for all of you, I’m sure. Odin is such a soulful cat. We really hope things will be even a little bit easier after another moon passes. Our thoughts to you all.

  5. We understand and know how exhausting the grieving process is. It’s especially hard when the purrs, thoughts and prayers from friends fade away. Everyone grieves on their own timeline and the pain can still sting months and years later.
    (((purrs & hugs)))
    ~Glogirly, Katie & yes, even Waffles

  6. That is so good to hear they have resumed playing. My Kona was bereft for a long time when Dusty passed…when I saw her grooming her sisters again I was so pleased. Be kind to yourself.

  7. You are so right, Layla. Grieving IS exhausting. We are glad change is happening, and that Domino and Odin are playing again. Be good to yourselves, dear ones. We love you all.

  8. I think it’s gotten smaller. Just meowin’. We haven’t lost a cat in the past year but we have lost many. Do we count in your survey?

  9. That is interesting about the moon.

  10. For everything there is a season……if we cannot allow ourselves to feel this raw,devestating, soul tearing thing called grief and mourning then we can never allow ourselves to know what complete,pure total love is either. They are yin and yang and one cannot exist without the other. It seems the thing that sometimes makes it all a little easier to bear is knowing that others share your pain,understand it and have felt it themselves. We most certainly wish to help bear the grief for all of you and we have and will again know that shattering pain as well.
    With our love to anyone who mourns a loss.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig and Peanut and Romeo >^..^<

    1. Skeeter, Izzy and the rest of the gang, thanks. It’s so true, we can’t fully feel love and joy if we aren’t willing to embrace their opposites.

  11. Glad to hear the 2boys have played. Odin does look so somber. So sudden, still hard to believe he’s gone. And I’m an outsider looking in. Still feel so close to affect me, how your doing is what’s important. Too bad, the pics didn’t come thru on my cell.

    1. Thanks Connie Marie. Sudden deaths are more shocking.

  12. Change can take so long to accept sometimes. Flynn still often has the sad faraway look in his eyes. It makes me wonder if he will ever be able to accept. The calendar is lovely.

  13. Change takes time but it can be difficult.

    1. It’s something you know all too well. Sending healing purrs to you!

  14. Grieving is exhausting and takes a toll on the immune system. Good to hear interest in playing has returned. Be kind to each other! Purrs….

    1. Thanks for reminding me about the immune system and keeping it strong.

  15. We are glad to hear that they are starting to play again. It is hard when someone you love dies.

    1. Thanks and purrs to you Chey and your family.

  16. Glad to see Odin has shown the sign that he is healing. One moon at time, slowly but he is healing, that is so wonderful to know. Purrs to you all.

    1. Tamago, thanks and hopefully reassuring for anyone going through a tough time. Purrs to you and the boys.

  17. Hmmm… interestin’…

    I wonder if I’ve outgrown any of my favourite spots around the house. Gonna have to check that out.


    1. Nissy, do your fave spots get rotated by the season?

  18. So glad they are starting to play. Lovely post. Hugs and purrs.
    Charlie, Cashew, Garfield, Tubby

    1. Sue, thanks, it’s such a joy and relief to see them play again.

  19. a lovely post. Very thoughtful and insightful. Thank you for sharing. Thoughts for Gris Gris, and for you and your little family.

    1. Alana, many thanks and purrs to you and your fur family.

  20. doodz….happee things R startin ta turn round….it takes time…YUR own time…

    1. You bet! Always and nothing is set in stone.

  21. We send purrs to all of you…’specially Odin…as you deal with the loss of Gris Gris.

    1. Thanks guys for all your puuurrrrrrrsss.

  22. That was so sad when Gris Gris had to go to the bridge. Odin, you have grown to be a good boy and we are glad to hear that you are playing with Domino again. You all take good care.

    1. Hi Marg, so nice to see you back. Purrs to you and your fur gang.

  23. So sorry I never got to know Gris Gris.

    –Purrs (and woofs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.

    1. Thanks, Susan. Gris Gris will live on with images and stories here

  24. And you be kind to yourself too!

    1. Yup, I’m taking my own advice.

  25. Adorable vintage calendar. Thanks for sharing it.

    Odin does look sad.

    Just thinking about Gris Gris makes me sad.

    Thanks for sharing, Layla.

    1. K, thanks for being there for us.

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