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Mancat Monday : Many Moons Ago

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

cat calender vintage

Cat calendars are a dime a dozen but back in 1892 they were a novelty. Time, then and now is marked by days, weeks and months, hours, minutes and years, moments and seconds. What we value hasn’t changed or has it?

Many moons ago Odin fit into his kitty bed but then…

Odin cat















something happened. Odin cried, “Mommy make it fit!”

Odin cat bed too small-001

Of course Layla couldn’t make it fit. Odin had outgrown it. We can’t force anything that no longer fits. Life is nothing but change, moon after moon after moon.

Odin cat bed

It’s been exactly one moon since Gris Gris died. Odin has taken to spending time on the window perch overlooking Gris Gris’s grave. His mood, captured above is suitably somber. The first signs of sadness lifting happened a couple days ago when Domino and Odin began playing with each other again. A good sign. Change and healing happens one moon at time. Like giving birth or after any arduous undertaking, I’d forgotten how exhausting grieving is. We forget in the soft passing of time only to remember again. Be kind to yourself this week.

cat memorial moon

Many purrs of thanks to those who have already participated in our pet loss study. If you have lost a pet of any species in the past year and would like to participate in a our confidential questionnaire, please email Layla info


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