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The Lunar New Year Of The Tiger For Cats is in Their DNA

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The Lunar Year Of The Tiger For Cats is in Their DNA by Layla Morgan Wilde

Today marks the beginning of the 15-day lunar New Year and this year feels really powerful.

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This year we enter the year of the TIGER and we might as well call it the year of the cat. Since genome sequencing has identified that domestic cats are kissing cousins of tigers, there is much to celebrate. Domestic cats like the one possibly sitting on your lap shares 95.6% of their DNA with tigers. That explains a lot about cats and why we love them.

cat DNA is 95% tiger

Goodness, I posted this oldie of Domino way back in 2013.

Science has proven that domestic cats aren’t fully domesticated anyway. As cat owners, it’s our responsibility to embrace this wildness and accept that cats are hard-wired to hunt and kill.

They need lots of interactive play Are You Playing With Your Cat All Wrong? to prevent boredom and destructive behavior especially at this time of year read my 10 Ways to Beat the Feline Winter Blues

and cats thrive best on a wild diet, if not raw then, limited ingredient wet food and anything is better than kibble.

Many cats were born to be adventure cats like my Odin. I attribute his hearty disposition and stellar health to his every day outdoor adventures.

Let’s make this year, the year we all embrace our inner tiger and whatever that means to you. Can we embrace more wildness, fearlessness for a bolder life?

The Lunar New Year for me is closely tied to astrology and feng shui. I’ve edited my Feng Shui New Year Tips.

If you’re open to that kind of thing, the New Moon today in Aquarius is a game-changer. I follow an eclectic mix of astrologers and what blew me away last night was this. Every new moon offers new beginnings but the collective “we” are ramping it up to a new level.

As far as feng shui goes, I spent my limited energy deep cleaning, sorting, decluttering a little bit every day for weeks to finish in time for the New Moon. It was a lot of work but worth it. My home feels lighter, brighter and bursting with possibility. I follow a system of feng shui (the oldest one) called Flying Stars. It’s complicated but essentially there are positive and negative compass directions in a home or any space that are activated or not. Every year the auspicious directions change. This year, the South West area is problematic which is why I moved my bed to the South East. If interested to learn more, I’ve followed Feng Shui Web for 12 years.

but here’s the simplest explanation I could find from another site.

A lot of feng shui sites want to sell you loads of items as “cures”. Don’t fall for it. You can use things you already have in the home like heavy metal pots, plants, ceramics, water vases, art work that represents the elements. Feng Shui is ultimately about common sense flow. You either feel good in a space or you don’t. A clean decluttered room is a good start.

I always do a salt water cure and have for over 20 years. This year, my #1 placement will be in the SW. Check out my “How To” Instagram reel from last year.

I wish everyone a brighter, safer and healthier 2022 with a tiger in their tank!


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