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Is July 4th For The Birds? Ask Your Cat

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If you’re stocking up on treats for a 4th of July BBQ, remember what’s a treat for humans may be deadly to a cat. Nix the greasy handouts. Keep alcohol and all human food away from kitty. A nibble of jalapeno sauce or sun-warmed potato salad might turn a celebration into an emergency vet visit.

While shopping for holiday provisions make sure you have something soothing for cats who hate thunder, or loud noises like fireworks. Loud, unknown noises can be very scary for cats. Remember their hearing is far superior to ours and their satellite-like rotating ears hear things we can’t.


We always have Feliway spray on hand whether we need it or not. Think of it as an ounce of stress prevention. Feliway is a liquid synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone, used by cats to mark their territory as safe and secure. Lately, we’ve found it helpful to spray blind Merlin’s favorite napping spots to make him feel more secure as his cognitive function diminishes.

If you have a nervous Nellie kitty, prepare for their comfort. Make sure they have their favorite cozy hideaway ready. If they love boxes, bring one or two for them to explore and don’t forget the catnip!

Every major holiday brings safety risks for pets. On this holiday it’s especially important to keep pets indoors and if they do slip out, make sure they wear I.D. If entertaining, please use common sense if your cats like to be underfoot. A little awareness goes a long way to keeping your cats happy and safe.

Happy 4th!


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