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Ignorance is Sometimes Bliss

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Merlin here, for Mondays with Merlin with a little help for Mancat Mondays. If you read our Saturday posts you’d know I’ve been on antibiotics for a tooth/gum infection. I’m feeling less pain but I’m not out of the woods yet. Please join me on one of my daily walks as I share my philosophy on life.

blind-cat-walking-siamese-cat wisdom 101 Zen-cat-autumn-berries-art-siamese

I believe ignorance is sometimes bliss. Since everything is a blur with my vision, I focus on what I can do and notice what I notice. Just because I can’t see the beauty all around me doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it. I like to listen to the birds and my parents voices laughing, talking and guiding me. I can hear the rustle of dried leaves when Odin and Domino play…

autumn leaves-cats-fine art photography-Layla Morgan Wilde

I can smell the footprints of yummy moles but leave the catching to Odin…

autumn-cats-hunting-needle in haystack-quote

I can taste winter coming but grateful for the warm spell. Cats enjoy what’s in front of their nose and don’t worry about what they can’t change like…

zen-cats-in the moment-cat wisdom 101

intruders at the bamboo border. Out of sight is out of mind they say and ignorance is sometimes bliss. What do you say?

Zen cat-bamboo-art-cat wisdom 101


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